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Bring on the Power to WOW When You Speak—Live or on Video! with Lynn Rose

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February 10, 2018

Lynn Rose

If you want to get booked again and again, you need to break out of your shell, get REAL, let your personality shine through and powerfully CONNECT! You need to know how to PROPERLY message what you offer in those essential positioning videos for your marketing. You may already be great in your delivery or have a well-crafted keynote and videos but what if there’s a whole other level to how you can instantly up-level your impact and your market's response, whenever and wherever you speak?

Jump into this dynamic, highly interactive, fun session that will be about getting you on your feet and releasing the powerhouse that’s inside you to come out and play. It doesn’t matter who you are, you can get more powerful and speak with more freedom, no matter how you may be coming across now. Maybe you're great on stage but can't translate that into video, or vice versa—that'll change after this session.

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How to Deal with Challenging Situations and People with Diplomacy and Civility with Gloria Petersen

Facilitator: Gloria Petersen

Date: January 24, 2018
Ever wish that you could wave a magic wand and everyone would be respectful, civil, and accommodating? Unfortunately, that’s not everyone’s nature. Therefore, it is more important than ever to deal with people, situations, and one’s own behavior with diplomacy, dignity, finesse, tact, and civility, thereby setting the better example. These are powerful “win-win” strategies that serve as the foundation of effective communication. Why? Everyone’s basic need is to be respected, validated, and liked. It’s a new era with new challenges. Gloria will identify how these basic communication tools can aid in a more diplomatic and civil interaction. Then it’s your turn to share your thoughts and experiences.

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Get Them Hooked to Get You Booked: The No-Brainer Approach to Exciting the Brains in Your Audience with Scott Halford, CSP, CPAE

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January 13, 2018

Scott Halford, CSP, CPAE

If you're not getting your audience's brains to literally burst every time you speak, you're leaving dollars on the table. Neuro-behavior expert, Scott Halford, CSP, CPAE gives tips and tricks to give the brain kicks when you speak. Don't miss this must-see program from one of NSA's masters. Your brain will be glad you did.

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Come to the Holiday Party and Silent Auction 2017!

On December 9 we will be celebrating at our annual Holiday Party and Silent Auction. The NSA-Arizona party will be hosted at the home of Gloria Petersen, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. This is your chance to relax and spend quality time with your colleagues. Join us for our annual holiday party potluck and bring your spouse or significant other to enrich this gathering of friends and speaking colleagues!

Check out our photos from last year's fun event!

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Living Room Forum 2017—2018

Make note of the 2017—2018 Living Room Forum Dates

The Living Room Forum meets in the evening at a member’s home, usually on the fourth Wednesday evening of the month. Register in advance, and come prepared to share your ideas and questions.

A light dinner will be provided. Cost: $15 members $25 Guests Registration and… Continue reading

Power Selling with Social Media with Phil Gerbyshak

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November 11, 2017

Phil Gerbyshak

Do you create tons of useful content—and have no idea what to do with it—or if you’re creating it right? Wondering if you should use LinkedIn...or Twitter...or Facebook...or SnapChat...or Instagram...or grow your speaking business? Are you on social media - but struggling to get a return on your investment? Join Phil Gerbyshak as he answers all these questions and more in Power Selling with Social media. He’s been using social media since before it was called social media, and he trains people from around the world on how to make money through digital selling. You'll learn:

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Social Media On Steroids: Start from Where You Are! with Dan Shinder

Dan Shinder has built a brand that now has about one million active followers on social media. He’s done it 100% organically—without boosting posts or buying ads. For 4 years, he’s been teaching effective social media marketing to businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs and people in the arts community all over the world. Join him for a revealing, eye-opening, forehead-slapping, enlightening NSA-Arizona Living Room Forum session of fun social media marketing training.

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The Profitable Lifestyle Speakerpreneur Business with Marquesa Pettway

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October 14, 2017

Marquesa Pettway, CSP

Marquesa Pettway, CSP, shows you how to create a SpeakerpreneurTM Biz Lifestyle which allows you to leverage your expertise, knowledge and platform (online and offline). You’ll answer the Critical Questions that result in your Speakerpreneur Biz reality. You will:

  • Develop influence online and offline to make all the difference
  • Comprehend what you are really selling as a speaker—it’s not a speech!
  • Discover your Six Figure Signature System—the money maker of your business (It’s the steak of your business as a speaker.)
  • Understand what some professional speakers skip that leads to financial havoc
  • Realize how to create Multiple Income Streams with one expertise
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