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Who are Candidate members?

NSA-Arizona Candidate Program participants are often experienced presenters with valuable expertise that they developed while working in other career fields. They become part of NSA-Arizona to explore the business of speaking as a possible full-time or part-time career.

Candidates may attend NSA-Arizona monthly programs (held the second Saturday of each month from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.; there is no meeting in July or August). During these programs and meetings, experienced NSA-Arizona members and outside speakers provide knowledge and views on various aspects of the speaking business. Group discussions allow participants to question these speakers and benefit from their experience.

In addition, seasoned members of the Chapter volunteer to serve as knowledge resources and take inquiries from individual Candidates who need advice or counsel. NSA-Arizona Candidates are also encouraged to seek coaching and mentoring from Professional Speakers within the entire NSA membership. This coaching may require the payment of fees; however, if a Candidate is interested in fast-tracking his or her career, this may be the best approach for achieving this goal in the shortest period of time.

What is the NSA-Arizona Speakers Academy?

The NSA-Arizona Speakers Academy is a Chapter activity that assists with the development of individuals who are dedicated to becoming Professional Speakers and members of NSA. This program is designed for those who want to accelerate their careers as either full-time or part-time speakers. It is suitable for people who are paid speakers and for those who aspire to achieve that status. NSA-Arizona Speakers Academy participants have a conditional affiliation with the NSA, but they are not members of the NSA.

NSA-Arizona Speakers Academy participants sign up for the Speaker Academy one year at a time. The optimum plan is to qualify for NSA membership within two years of the Candidate joining the NSA-Arizona Speakers Academy.

What is the investment required to participate in the NSA-Arizona chapter as a Candidate?

The NSA-Arizona Candidate Program participation fee is $200 per year, plus the cost of the meetings that you attend (usually $37). Professional NSA-Arizona members (who pay several hundred dollars annually for their NSA membership) pay $125 per year for their NSA-Arizona memberships, plus the cost of meetings attended.

Your $200 investment entitles you to:

  • Attend the monthly NSA-Arizona meetings at member rates
  • Access to a NSA-Arizona Candidate Resource Website that contains useful documents, forms, and website links
  • Enrollment in the Speakers Lab, a practice opportunity that provides valuable feedback
  • Participation in a special Candidate Program e-mail group
  • Access to the NSA-Arizona Candidate Library, which contains a host of valuable books, tapes, CDs and videos that are available for NSA-Arizona Candidates to borrow

If you are interested in becoming part of NSA-Arizona as a Candidate, you may do so online by clicking here. As you complete the form, you will reach a section where it asks you at what level you will join. Click on the down arrow and choose Candidate (not yet a member of NSA National). Then, complete the rest of the application.

For additional information about upcoming NSA-Arizona sessions, check Meetings and Newsletters.

Online Services for Current NSA-Arizona Candidates:

Update your Online Profile listing (members only) here.

Renew your NSA-Arizona Candidate Program participation here

To register for the next monthly meeting, use the link in the meeting announcement, click here.

Access to the NSA-Arizona Candidate Website

We have a special NSA-Arizona Candidate website that is available for NSA-Arizona Candidates only. A special user ID and password are required.

When you login to this website as a participant, you will find the required User ID and password for the NSA-Arizona Candidate website displayed in the sidebar of this website.

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