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Sales—How to sell your way to the top of the speaking profession with Jim Cathcart

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September 9, 2017

Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE

Jim will share what he’s learned through his 41 years of speaking to over 3,100 audiences around the world, his authorship of 18 books with major publishers, his successful and unsuccessful partnerships and his “dances” with different brand identities and topic specialties.

You will learn:

  • How to craft and sustain a highly successful speaking career while gaining the admiration of the people whom you admire.
  • How to approach sales and how to train your staff to sell or assist in sales.
  • Policies and Practices from Jim’s 41 year speaking career and what he’s learned from the best of the best in this business.
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Improving Impact & Influence: What Your Brain Has to Say About That! with John Molidor, CSP

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June 10, 2017

John Molidor, CSP

Would you like to know what goes on inside of your brain (as well as your audience's) when you are presenting? Would you like to see how your brain lights up when it hears a familiar story? Would you like to learn some brain-friendly techniques that you can immediately use in your presentations? This powerful three-pound mass (and sometimes mess) of grey and white matter, which we call the brain, disproportionately exerts an incredible influence on yourself and others. Knowing how to use it effectively and efficiently can greatly increase your impact on others. Knowing what might be going on inside the brain of your audience allows you to truly personalize your content.

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Meeting News for Speakers: S*^#! Meeting Planners Say & Smart Ways to Be Hired by Them with Deborah Gardner, CMP

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May 13, 2017

Deborah Gardner, CMP

Have you ever wanted to know what decision-makers are truly thinking about when working with you? Want to know what they actually need from you? If so, LISTEN UP! Hear the truth from someone who lives in the meeting planner world that directly understands the necessities of both the planner and speaker. If you’re serious about being hired today, attend this jam-packed information session and find out how to solve the many challenges you face when dealing with decision-makers. Explore the internal and external factors that are impacting the economic environment, meeting design, and content delivery. Take a look at why meetings are important and how to get involved in the process. Discover how to modernize your business strategies from Deborah’s ongoing extensive meetings industry interview process and insightful perspective from those that hire you.

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FunnierU with Mark Mayfield and George Campbell

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April 8, 2017

Mark Mayfield CSP, CPAE and George Campbell CPAE

Does your program need a little “punching up”? Do you want to be better at writing and performing comedy? If so, you don’t want to miss this program with George Campbell CPAE and Mark Mayfield CSP, CPAE. These are two Hall of Fame humorists who have made a living adding humor to a serious message on stage. This session will show you how to add extra entertainment value to your solid content.

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The Human Inside The Speaker: What it really takes to be the best with Alvin Law, CSP, HoF

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March 11, 2017

Alvin Law, CSP, HoF

"There Really Is No Such Word As Can't" was a tedious mantra Alvin Law heard a million times growing up. Today, it is a life philosophy. For Professional Speakers, it is a challenge and a powerful message. Says Alvin, "We must live our words!" So his program will focus on "The Human Inside The Speaker" and what it takes to be the best!

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Quit Calling ‘em Webinars and a Dozen Other Strategies for Making More with Roger Courville, CSP

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February 11, 2017

Roger Courville, CSP

Webinars, webcasts, virtual presentations. Whatever you call them, speakers have a big problem: Prospective buyers are as (or more!) confused about how to buy your virtual services as you are in selling them. Here’s the good news: It’s not only possible to make money with webinars, you’re going to learn from the world’s first-ever speaker to make a million dollars doing it.

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Speaking from the Inside Out with Elizabeth Jeffries, CSP, CPAE
Penetrate Your Target Market with Multiple Streams of Revenue with Stephen Tweed, CSP

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January 14, 2017

Elizabeth Jeffries, CSP, CPAE

As speakers, we all search for the best ways to share our message, to express our ideas, to make a point. We read, study and research others’ work! Yet, we oftentimes neglect the richest source of uniqueness on the platform . . . our own personal history! In this session on topic development, Elizabeth will inspire, educate and challenge you to use more of your own uniqueness on the platform by speaking from the inside out.

Stephen Tweed, CSP

Are you considered an expert in your topic and/or your niche market? Do you love platform speaking and would like to have more speaking opportunities? Have you ever delivered a fabulous speech, accepted accolades and then went on to the next engagement? If you are saying YES to these questions, you are probably leaving business on the table and not serving your clients to the fullest!

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The Consequence of Eloquence with Lou Heckler, CSP, CPAE

To Register Now Click Here Topic knowledge is required of all speakers. Without top-notch presentation skills, however, our value to our audiences plummets. In this session, we will look at three keys to being seen as an eloquent speaker:

  1. Choice of language
  2. Choice of memorable material
  3. Choice of delivery techniques

Great material is nothing without eloquent delivery. Heckler will guide us to new levels of performance and fun.

  • Make a commitment to sharper, more descriptive language
  • Learn a story-telling method that will make your ideas more memorable
  • Look at subtle delivery techniques that will delight your audiences
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Beyond Networking: The Value in Getting Yourself Out There! with Beth Terry, CSP

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NSA members: Want to make more money? Do more with your NSA membership! Being a disengaged observer doesn't help you learn, doesn't add to your income stream, and can make you invisible. Getting involved has lasting benefits for your business health, your emotional health and for your legacy.

Join us October 8th to hear Beth Terry, CSP, 25-year member of NSA, past President of NSA-AZ, former Director of the National Academy, Chair of the Cavett Institute, and Chair of the Candidate Program in Arizona. Beth has helped more than 65 people become Pro Speakers. Learn 7 ways being more engaged is good for your visibility and income potential.

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Creating Systems to put You Center Stage with Ruby Newell-Legner, CSP

September 10, 2016

To Register Now Click Here Insight. Enthusiasm. Humor. These are just a few of the words clients use when they talk about Ruby’s speeches and workshops. The real test, though, is the value she delivers to audience members. They leave her sessions with practical knowledge about how to improve results. As a professional speaker and president of NSA, Ruby understands your challenges and goals. Join us to kick off the new academic year and:

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