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Twelve Keys to Living a Better Life with Gary Varnell

April 26, 2017

You will obtain the foundation and building blocks for added self-confidence and belief in your abilities to create success. As a speaker, trainer, or coach you will be able to visualize and realize your ultimate success. You will easily master tools to elevate yourself personally, professionally, and financially.

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Speak to Any Audience with Lorraine Bossé-Smith on March 22

Come discover your unique speaking style and how to maximize it! You’ll learn to adapt your message to reach everyone in the audience, speaking their DISC language and keeping them engaged and captivated. We will review the DISC system and how to use it to capture your audience’s attention and get them to engage on a greater level. Whether you are speaking to large or small groups or on radio or TV, this information will help you transform your audiences' experience!

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Outsmart Your Brain When Emotions Take the Wheel: Staying confident when speaking, coaching, and working with clients with Dr. Marcia Reynolds, CSP

February 22, 2017

You can either be the master of your brain or a victim of your emotional reactions. Your brain can get the best of you when you are under pressure, annoyed, or too attached to succeeding. This forum will help you outsmart your brain so you can ease your tension, handle hecklers, and help everyone you are with succeed.

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January Living Room Forum with Pamela Brooks

NSA-Arizona Living Room Forum

To further enhance and improve a speaker’s career, NSA-Arizona offers monthly Living Room Forums, which are more intimate events featuring industry experts that are held in private homes or businesses. They are the perfect opportunity for attendees to participate in topics of interest while developing the tools and techniques to grow… Continue reading

Living Room Forum 2016—2017

Make note of the 2016—2017 Living Room Forum Dates

The Living Room Forum meets in the evening at a member’s home, usually on the fourth Wednesday evening of the month. Register in advance, and come prepared to share your ideas and questions.

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Talk—The Art of Leadership and Influence with Gary Varnell will be rescheduled

Facilitator: Gary Varnell

Date: May 25, 2016 CANCELLED
Influence is the key to creating solid relationships, both personally and professionally. Leadership demands that you be respected and looked up to. Both Influence and leadership are skills that can be acquired with training. Gary will both teach and inspire you to utilize the attributes necessary to be that person. After application of the action plan we develop together, you will achieve

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Games Speakers and Trainers Play with Ed Scannell, CSP

Date: April 27, 2016
“Learning can be fun!”
“Learning is NOT a spectator sport!”
These two basic precepts are the underlying reasons why speakers and trainers must become more proficient in experiential learning. That today’s audiences are younger, more sophisticated, better educated and more critical are obvious understatements. In this fun, fast-paced forum, we’ll review a few tips on adult learning, and you will leave with dozens of tested tools and techniques you can use in your next presentation or training program.

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“Pizzazzify” your Presentation with Neil Dempster, CSP

Date: March 23, 2016
Important, informational and data driven presentations don’t have to be boring! Neil Dempster, CSP, will be our Guest Enricher for a special evening edition of Speakers Lab. Neil will help you with ideas for presenting dry, boring material in a dynamic and engaging way. Let Neil help you “Pizzazzify” your presentation!

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