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January 2020 News Flash

Each new year holds the promise of a new beginning. Others will wish you a prosperous new year, our resolution is to help you make it happen. To help you refine and advance your business, deepen and expand your influence. The promise of every chapter meeting, Living Room Forum, and Speakers Lab is to bring you the opportunity to gain new actionable tools and insights. And this month we also bring you the first of our new Expert Interview Webinars with our Chapter Sage, Kristin Arnold, CSP. Be sure to watch for the announcement!

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October 2019 News Flash

Welcome to the October 2019 issue of the NSA-Arizona News Flash!

President’s Message—What do you fear the most?

What is it you fear the most? Probably not lil’ zombies coming to your door with an insatiable need for sugar. But, their pending arrival is a reminder to ask the question about what you fear… Continue reading

September 2019 News Flash

Welcome to the September 2019 issue of the NSA-Arizona News Flash!

President’s Message—Deeper Connections, Deeper Collaborations

Imagine catching a glimpse of the future and stumbling on a secret known only by the few travelers who’ve been there. That secret being the single biggest benefit extracted from a lifetime of the NSA experience…

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June 2019 News Flash

Welcome to the June 2019 issue of the NSA-Arizona News Flash!

President’s Message—Honor and Privilege

It's amazing that my year as President of NSA-Arizona has flown by. It has been an honor and privilege to serve this life changing association. I walked in the doors of NSA-Arizona about 8 years ago. The person I… Continue reading

May 2019 News Flash

Welcome to the May 2019 issue of the NSA-Arizona News Flash!

President’s Message—Transform the Way You Do Business

NSA-Arizona, you are in for a treat with the last two programs of the year. I heard excellent reviews from members about our April program and it only gets better. I want to remind you to… Continue reading

April 2019 News Flash

Spring is upon us and it is a time for renewal and release. What are you going to release this spring? Is there a behavior that is slowing you down or habit you desire to release? I love to use spring as a time to physically cleanse my body with a one to two-week detox. I then like to recommit to my meditation practice. It helps me release any limiting thoughts and it clears my mind for greater creativity. I also like to release a behavior or habit that’s not serving me.

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Cavett Robert

"As speakers, we never fight over the size of our slice of the pie, we build a bigger pie."
-Cavett Robert, NSA Founder