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Arlene Gale, “The Book Writing Business Coach”

Arlene Gale, “The Book Writing Business Coach,” specializes in helping create step-by-step writing action plans to produce sellable books highlighting an expert message in a powerful and profitable way. The book becomes the credibility piece for accessing more: media, events, clients, profits. Arlene’s 30 years of writing and marketing experience with businesses around the world… Continue reading

Please support our sponsor—Experts & Authorities


Bringing more than 25 years of professional production experience to every client we serve, the VIDEO team at Experts & Authorities provides business owners, entrepreneurs and industry influencers the ability to share their message using the most powerful medium available today: VIDEO. Our production services include message development, on camera coaching and… Continue reading

Please support our meeting sponsor—Sun Studios of Arizona

Sun Studios of Arizona is the one-stop-place for creative production space! Our 23,000 square foot facility offers an array of possibilities for any business, film, audio, or commercial project.

Our audio suite produces only the best quality of sound through an AWS 924 SSL Workstation. Five isolation rooms make this suite an ideal match for… Continue reading

Please support our meeting sponsor—Idea Source, Inc.

Idea Source Inc. adds creativity and new ideas to your promotion, sales event, marketing campaign or tradeshow. Whether you are working to generate leads, increase customer loyalty or provide thank you gifts for referrals, we can help you to build brand awareness. Idea Source will provide you with the best promotional products to fit your specific needs. Happy customers are the key to our success. Give us a try – contact Debby Raposa

Continue reading

Master Video Disc and Design

Award Winning Audio and Video doesn't just happen. Master Video Disc and Design, has been creating winning Speaker Demos, Audio Books and Product Trailers for High Level Speakers for over a decade.

If you are a Member of NSA you have already been listening to The Voices of Experience, the CD series produced by… Continue reading

Joel Weldon’s Ultimate Speaking System

When did you realize that you had been “called” to make a positive impact on people's lives through speaking? Today's top speakers almost all share one thing in common, significance. Influencing people ultimately comes down to communicating your ideas in a way that makes a connection with your audience and meets their needs.

Joel Weldon… Continue reading

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Cavett Robert

"As speakers, we never fight over the size of our slice of the pie, we build a bigger pie."
-Cavett Robert, NSA Founder