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NSA-Arizona Board of Directors 2017–2019 Slate of Candidates

The slate of nominees for the 2017–2019 NSA-Arizona Board of Directors has been selected by the 2017 Nomination Committee (Loretta Love Huff, chair) for their experience, proven track record, and for their contributions to the chapter. Please review the vision statements from all three candidates before completing your ballot.

Lisa Maurer

Lisa Maurer is a performance consultant and facilitator who applies participatory workshop methods to whole system change initiatives, developing strong leaders in the process. After a 15-year corporate career in research and learning, Lisa launched her own consulting and speaking business. She believes co-design and consensus building are key to bringing a group to action, and that learning, especially group learning, doesn’t have to take place in a classroom. She is a contributing author in the forthcoming book Participatory Design and the Learning Sciences.

Lisa joined NSA in late 2016 and has been impressed by the collaboration and generosity of the NSA family. As a board member, she'll encourage skills development opportunities like Speaker Lab, and apply her background in user experience research to augmenting the NSA member experience.

A certified LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator and member of the Technology of Participation® facilitation network, Lisa holds a B.S. in Sociology and an M.A. in Educational Psychology.

Frank Molinar

Frank Molinar is a certified financial planner™ practitioner, counselor, and storyteller on a mission to enhance the personal and financial resilience of individuals on all rungs of the economic ladder, especially those who serve, or have served. He developed a unique, dynamic battle plan curriculum to teach money to the military mindset promoted through his education platform, Richer Lives, Ready Warriors™.

What I Bring
NSA represents a community of messengers, communicators, storytellers, and kindred souls. My interest in serving is to explore how to support, build, and expand this community. As the leaders of change, hope, and vision this world is craving to hear from, seeing that our voices are heard clearly through the Arizona chapter would be a great honor.

Kay Sever

Kay Sever, CMC, is one of the world’s leading experts in Optimization Management and Sustainable Change. She has worked inside or consulted for Fortune 500 corporations at various levels for the past 35 years. Kay is always looking for what’s missing in organizations that can help them achieve their operating, cultural and financial potential and have happier people.

Over the past 17 years as a management consultant and change coach, Kay has readied management teams for change and optimization by linking what they “fix, measure and talk about” to sustainable change. Her profit optimization and culture transformation work is ground-breaking because managers understand how their perspectives are tied directly to millions of dollars in profit and how their working relationships either facilitate or hinder change.

In 2008, Kay wrote her first book titled Building an Opportunity Culture—Addressing the Barriers that Steal Profit and Prevent Sustainable Change. That same year she earned her CMC (certified management consultant).

Kay has been a member of NSA-Arizona since 2006 and earned her Professional Speaker status in 2011. She speaks candidly about problems shared “behind closed doors” in organizations, the hidden cost of those problems and management’s role in creating trust and collaboration so those problems can be fixed.

Kay believes that NSA is one of the most value-oriented organizations she has ever encountered. Every member, regardless of speaking experience, can gain new perspectives, skills, and practical strategies that help build their speaking business. Kay has been an NSA board member since 2015. For her second term on the board, Kay wants to focus on building strong candidate relationships and connecting candidates with knowledge and skills that can remove their barriers, propel them into a successful speaking career, and involve them in moving NSA forward and upward for years to come.

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Cavett Robert

"As speakers, we never fight over the size of our slice of the pie, we build a bigger pie."
-Cavett Robert, NSA Founder