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NSA-Arizona Board of Directors 2019–2021 Slate of Candidates

The slate of nominees for the 2019–2021 NSA-Arizona Board of Directors has been selected by the 2019 Nomination Committee (Maria Church, chair) for their experience, proven track record, and for their contributions to the chapter. Please review the vision statements from all three candidates before completing your ballot.

Rita Hudgens

I am both humbled and honored to be considered a board member for NSA-Arizona Board of Directors for the upcoming year.

Three short years ago I walked through the doors of NSA-Arizona filled with fear and insecurity. I had been a stay-at-home mom for all of my adult life and the only skill I felt I had was that of being a homeschooling mom.

Fast forward to today. I am an Internationally Certified Coach and speaker. I help frustrated solopreneurs and entrepreneurs overcome self-doubt and fear so they can build the confidence they need to create the life and business they envision. In addition to coaching, I also recently attained my Professional Membership Status with NSA-Arizona.

I cannot say enough about what NSA-Arizona means to me. The warm community, the valuable content and the programs such as Speakers Lab and The Living Room Forum provide an environment for anyone to thrive in.

As a member of NSA-Arizona Chapter Board of Directors, my goal is to serve and support the board and the chapter. My vision is to see even deeper connections and collaborations amongst members, so as to carry on the Spirit of Cavett.

John Iannarelli

John Iannarelli retired from the FBI after 20 years of service, during which time he was the FBI’s National Spokesperson, on the FBI Cyber Division executive staff, an FBI SWAT team member, and oversaw all Criminal, Cyber, and Counter Intelligence Investigations throughout Arizona. John was the recipient of the FBI Director’s Distinguished Service Award and has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Computer Science. A former San Diego Police Officer and a graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law, to include international studies at Oxford, England, John is also an attorney. He is the author of five books and regularly appears on the Fox News Channel as their law enforcement analyst.

John joined NSA a year ago and wants to serve with the board to further the chapter’s mission, working to provide the means and resources to help members achieve the highest levels of success in their professions.

Dr. Karen Jacobson

Why I Choose to Serve

I have always believed in the power of associations. In my previous profession as a Chiropractor I served on the board of directors of the New York Chiropractic Council and later was the first female assemblywoman to represent Arizona to the International Chiropractors Association (ICA). I was an advocate for my colleagues and my profession in areas ranging from politics to education.

In my current profession as a speaker, I choose to continue serving the same way.

In the time of change where the marketplace has new values, customs and habits, my mission is to serve as a voice for my fellow speakers. I bring my experiences and my skillsets along with an open mind for change and progress that will support speakers at all ages, levels and phases of their careers. My vision is to see NSA-Arizona be a leading chapter and a resource for speakers in Arizona and beyond.

Speaker, Leadership and communication expert, Dr. Karen Jacobson offers an effective strategy for sharpening skillsets and setting a PACE that creates High Performance organizations. With over 30 years of training experience and extensive knowledge in the fields of Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence, and Human Potential, Karen shares stories of her unique experiences as an Israeli Military Commander, a Chiropractic Physician and an award-winning ballroom dancer, leading her audiences to new heights. Contact her at

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Cavett Robert

"As speakers, we never fight over the size of our slice of the pie, we build a bigger pie."
-Cavett Robert, NSA Founder