The Voice of Professional Speakers in Arizona


Sponsorship Committee – Carol Burnett
Researches potential Sponsor companies and approaches them about sponsorship. Acts as liaison between sponsors and the chapter.

Education/Programming – Marla Harr and Tyrone Holmes
Plans the Programs for the coming year (MCs, VOEs & Featured Speakers); contacts potential speakers; obtains signed contract from speakers, coordinates monthly events)

Communications/Media – Larry Emmott
PR—drafts news releases and sends them to the media regarding meetings

Newsletter—Linda-Ann Stewart
Prepares copy for the newsletter, acts as editor

Website/Directory—Rich Hamilton
Acts as webmaster


Membership – Danny Valenzuela
Greets meeting attendees; after meetings, contacts visitors to welcome them to chapter and invite them to return; plans networking

a. NSA-Arizona Speaker Academy (formerly Candidate Program)
Schedules speakers for the year; contacts potential speakers on eight NSA competencies; ensures each meeting has an emcee; may answer Candidate questions on email list

b. Living Room Forum – Noelle Stanley and Rebecca Kenyon
Schedules hosts and facilitators for the year; provides appropriate info to executive director for posting

c. Teleseminars
Schedules experts; arranges for teleconferencing; coordinates with executive director by providing promo copy

d. Community Service Chooses special project appropriate for the chapter; solicits volunteers; facilitates project

e. Speaker Lab – Liz Recchia, Debbie Exner, and Natalie Sayer
Accepts reservations for practice performances; schedules Guest Enrichers and Facilitators; ensures facility is reserved; provides information to executive director for promotion

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Cavett Robert

"As speakers, we never fight over the size of our slice of the pie, we build a bigger pie."
-Cavett Robert, NSA Founder