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Kristin Arnold, MBA, CPF|M, CSP


The Extraordinary Team
28150 N. Alma School Parkway
Suite 103-615
Scottsdale, Arizona 85262 United States

Kristin Arnold, MBA, CPF|M, CSP

Kristin Arnold, MBA, CPF|M, CSP

For over 25 years, Kristin J. Arnold has helped over a hundred different organizations, facilitated over four hundred executives and their teams, and presented to over a half a million people around the world around the topics of team leadership, team work, collaboration, culture, and critical thinking.

Whether your meeting is completely online or a “hybrid” with some folks meeting face-to-face while others join in virtually, your meeting success is directly related to the ability of the speakers and participants to connect with the topic and each other.

That’s where Kristin Arnold can help!

Kristin is a leading authority on panel discussions, a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), as well as a Certified Professional Facilitator | Master (CPF | M) and an award-winning author. This unique background and personality enable her to work as a mainstage conversationalist™, engaging and involving the audience in shaping the content.

Her most requested programs include: • Smarter, Better, Faster – How to Make Good Decisions More Often • Beyond the Usual Suspects: Springboards to Unleash Your Team’s Creativity and Tap into Their Next Innovation • Stop Working So Hard: The Leaders’ Guide to Elevating People, Process, and Performance • Supercharge Your Team: A Booster Shot to Leverage Your Team Talent • Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast: 7 Levers to Create a Constructive Culture in Your Organization • So What? Now What? Translate Your Takeaways into Action • Panel Moderation: Making Conference Panel Discussions Extraordinary • Emcee – Master of Ceremonies • Executive Roundtables/Mastermind Groups

As one of the first female graduates of the United States Coast Guard Academy and the first woman stationed onboard a sea-going buoy tender, Kristin learned early on about working with others. In 1990, she became one of the first USCG facilitators – and made every mistake one could! Frustrated, she avidly researched this nascent skill called “facilitation” and found herself training a cadre of internal facilitators. By 1992, companies were asking her to teach their people how to facilitate and lead teams! Since then, she has been sharing her concrete approach to teambuilding with a treasure trove of practical concepts, tools and techniques her clients can apply immediately to see positive, substantive results.

Kristin’s passion for teams is reflected in her writing, speaking, facilitation and consulting. She is an award-winning author of Boring to Bravo: Proven Presentation Techniques to Engage, Involve, and Inspire Your Audiences to Action and several books in the Extraordinary Team Series (Team Basics, Email Basics and Team Energizers). Her latest book, Powerful Panels, was written to raise the level of performance of panels at meetings, conferences and conventions. Her next book, 125 Ways to Add More Pizzazz to Your Panel will be published in the summer of 2020.

Featured in numerous publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Harvard Business Update, USA Today, Selling Power, Kristin knows what it takes to lead, facilitate and participate on high performing teams. She was President of the National Speakers Association of the United States (2010-2011) and served as a National Director from 2005 to 2012. She also served as President of the Downtown Hampton (Virginia) Development Partnership (2001-2), a nonprofit business organization attributed to turning Downtown Hampton from a quaint, sleepy town to a thriving entertainment, retail and residential center. She retired from the USCG Reserves in 2002 as a Lieutenant Commander.

She has achieved the highest designations available within each of her core competencies: • Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) from the National Speakers Association (2002) • Certified Professional Facilitator|Master (CPF|M) from the International Association of Facilitators (2020) • Certified Professional Facilitator(CPF) from the International Association of Facilitators (2002)

She is also certified to administer several assessment tools that assist people in determining their thinking styles, personality preferences and management effectiveness (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, Kolbe™, Human Synergistics’ Group Styles Inventory™ and Organizational Culture® Inventory).

When Kristin is not working with teams of people, she hangs out with her husband in Scottsdale, Arizona and Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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Areas of Expertise:
Communication Skills
Decision Making
Facilitation & Facilitation Skills
Organizational Effectiveness
Performance Improvement
Problem Solving
Strategic Planning
Team Building

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