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Roseann Higgins


SPIES Single Professional Introductions for the Especia

5825 N. 12th St #14
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Roseann Higgins

Roseann Higgins

People do business with Roseann Higgins and her company SPIES (founded in 1994) because of trust and results. Like selecting the dating industry and joining the Navy, this is not the traditional speaker profile.

Single men and women entrust SPIES Single Professional Introductions for the Especially Selective, LLC with the most important search of their lives. We find the most extraordinary dates they’ve ever been on. We have a 95% success rate. An introduction we introduce has resulted in a marriage an average every six weeks since 1994.

Founder and CEO Roseann Higgins held a Top Secret Security Clearance in the Navy. She is an Expert Pistol and Rifle Marksman. With 16+ years active duty and active reserve service, the first ever internship on the US House Armed Services Committee and a college degree from the prestigious George Washington University, she is uniquely positioned to develop relationships with the most eligible single men and women who turn to her company SPIES to find them someone extraordinary to date and to marry.

The Navy drills in to every sailor: mission accomplishment. She succeeded in nearly all-male assignments. As noted above, she was trained to guard national secrets and has precise aim. These have helped her company succeed long after most businesses fail.

She was selected for high profile assignments, including the Inaugural Committee for President Bush and Vice President Quayle. While enlisted, she was selected #1 among her peers as a Sailor of the Year. After college graduation, when she was already a Chief Petty Officer, she received a commission and held the final rank of Lieutenant – at which point she started her company SPIES.

Roseann Higgins speaks on relationships, niche marketing and power networking.

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