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Rod McKinnis


Research Based Solutions
PO Box 651
Chandler, Arizona 85244 United States

Research Based Solutions c/o Rod McKinnis
100 Chesterfield Business Parkway
Chesterfield, MO 63005

Rod McKinnis

Rod McKinnis

Anxiety triggers excessive worrying and disengagement in the workplace, which costs the U.S. Economy over $450B per year. Anxiety runs rampant in the Sales and Service Professions.

However, intrinsically motivated employees are 32 percent more committed to their jobs, have 46 percent more job satisfaction and perform better.

Have a desire to improve the Engagement Levels, Job Satisfaction or Performance of your Sales and Customer Service Teams?

Rod McKinnis is an intrinsically motivating speaker, his inspirational keynotes resonate in the hearts and minds of any audience. His motivating message coupled with his powerful gift for teaching advanced behavioral techniques enables sales and customer service professionals to reach their next level of performance. The end result is better employee engagement/job satisfaction metrics and bottom line performance – it’s proven. His keynotes are as entertaining as they are enlightening, he shows how to combat anxiety instantly positioning employees for more success.

Successful sales and service professionals make high level performance look easy. To the average or low performer, consistent success may appear as luck, but the truth lies in the consistent engagement of critical behaviors. It is time your team hears an intrinsically motivating message which reveals how to engage specific behaviors to combat anxiety. Doing so, will unlock the true success potential of your ENTIRE team with sustained results. If behavior doesn’t change, results remain the same. Rod will open the minds of your team to a new level of selling and service.

Rod is a former Fortune Global 400 Executive, he grew a multi-billion dollar sales unit 50% in less than 2 years. Rod now keynotes and inspires organizations (in 11 countries and counting) how to reach their full potential by motivating the behavior change in employees.

Areas of Expertise:
Business Management
Customer Service
Sales Skills
Team Building

RMckinnis - Updated: May 28, 2019
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