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Bonnie Mattick


Unforgettable Outcomes, Intl. ®

13236 N. 7th Street – Suite #4-275
Phoenix, AZ 85022

cell: 602-418-1668

Bonnie Mattick

Bonnie Mattick

Bonnie Mattick, founder of Unforgettable Outcomes, Intl.® helps create exceptional experiences for your employees and the customers they serve to increase your bottom line. Using pre-hiring strategies and facilitation techniques, she helps companies create a collaborative environment with enthusiastic employees who keep customers for life. Businesses benefit from how well developed, highly engaged and productive your employees are. Bonnie’s consulting and speaking experience with employee engagement techniques turn discontented employees into productive assets. Bonnie’s client companies are as diverse as Prudential Financial Relocation and Real Estate, MidFirst Bank, Bank of America, SunPower Corporation as well as various hospitality associations. She is a resource for both radio and print publications.

With an MBA from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas and an M.A. Ed. from Arizona State University, and her credentials at “kicking it up,” you get exceptional rapid results built upon cutting edge education, experience and expertise.

Bonnie’s uniqueness extends to kicking it up on one of the world’s most competitive stages –before her corporate career, she was a member of the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes!

Publications: Author “Kick Up Your Bottom Line – 66 Tips for Exceptional Employee Performance.” Author – “SMEs – Your Secret Training Weapon”, a manual to help companies maximize their in-house expertise, published 2008. Published in many professional journals, and articles include: “Tips to Take Your Next Club Event to a Higher Level” in PCMA magazine; “How Creativity Expands Your Range and Makes Events More Memorable,” in Success by Association (AENC) and numerous others. Clients Served: Building Owners Management Association (BOMA-Phoenix), Midwest Society of Association Executives (MSAE) In Minneapolis, MN; SunPower Corporation, Oakland, CA; Bank of America, Government Lending, Jacksonville, Florida; Deer Valley Credit Union, Phoenix, AZ; MidFirst Bank, Phoenix, AZ; Department of Energy, Nevada Test Site, Las Vegas, NV; Prudential Financial, Intercultural Training, Phoenix, AZ.

From the member's website:
4 Proven Steps to Keep Technical Expertise In-house
Is your company faced with workforce restructuring, downsizing, right-sizing, and you need to do more to capture the intellectual capital of your technical expertise? If you have people who’ve been in their job more than five years, you may be at risk for losing their expertise when they retire or change jobs. This loss can More
How Engaged Employees Make a Difference
Recently, a new client asked me, “How do remarkable businesses build and maintain their reputation?” The answer to this question involves management and employees’ attitudes. Management must screen and hire people that like and want to work in service to others. Hotels, banks, restaurants, tourist attractions, etc. rely on their employees to favorably impact the More
5 Tips to Turn Around Negative Employees
The economy is creating a lot of stress among employees. If your own company’s one of the many that have had cut-backs in the work force, the remaining employees have to take on additional responsibilities and are working longer hours. Even if you’ve managed to weather the economic storm, your workers will have fears about More

Areas of Expertise:
Business Management
Customer Service
Facilitation & Facilitation Skills
Performance Improvement

bmattick - Updated: October 11, 2016
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