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Barbara McNichol


Barbara McNichol Editorial

5090 N. Camino de la Cumbre
Tucson, AZ 85750

Toll Free: 1-877-696-4899
In Tucson: 520-615-7910
Cell Phone: 520-576-4382

Barbara McNichol

Barbara McNichol

Authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs look to Barbara McNichol for expert editing of nonfiction books, articles, one-sheets, and more. Added to that are her STRENGTHEN Everything You Write WordShops that teach specifics about the craft of writing for business.

Barbara has created a subscription resource call Word Tripper Tips, filled with tips for making your prose more powerful. Details at

From the member's website:
5 Writing Questions to Ask Before Saying “I’m Done”
by Barbara McNichol Suppose you’re composing a sensitive email, article, or letter—one that’s extremely important in your world. But the message must be as clear and concise as possible. Ask these five writing questions and follow the examples. From there, make changes that will immediately improve your prose and ensure you’ve written what you meant More
“If I Were (Was) a Rich Man …”
by Barbara McNichol The play Fiddler on the Roof recently came through my city, and my friend kept singing her dad’s favorite song from that hit: “If I Were a Rich Man.” My comment? “I’m glad the lyricist got the grammar right!” Why is the use of “were” (not “was”) correct in this song title More
Be a Better Writer–STOP Using “Start” So Much
by Barbara McNichol Pop Quiz To be a better writer, when should you stop using the word start? Answer Now. Good writing includes the ability to craft strong, clear statements. Extraneous words and phrases water down communications. An outstanding example of this is the overuse of the words “start” and “begin.” Look at these examples More

Areas of Expertise:
Communication Skills

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