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Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Carol Burnett

Carol Burnett

Are you experiencing changes in your organization? Of course you are! You wouldn’t still be in business (or won’t be for long) if you weren’t swirling in a sea of change.

It’s no longer simply a Leader, rather, a Change Leader who is needed to skillfully guide your teams through transition after transition ensuring your organization sustains only those changes they choose to embrace. A skilled Change Leader is the single most impactful element that will drive your organization toward innovation, transformation, improvement and growth. Carol Burnett is exceptionally qualified to transform your leaders into Leaders of Change.

With 20 plus years of experience as a professional speaker, trainer, facilitator and author, Carol has a passion for adult learning practices, interactive learning environments and Brain-Based Training. She combines her unremitting thirst for understanding human performance with cutting edge research findings (neuro-science based) to create powerful “lightbulb moments” for her participants. The result? – individual performance breakthroughs at the very foundation of who they are, what they value, and how they perform in both their work and personal lives.

With a Master’s Degree in Educational Counseling Psychology (M.Ed.) Carol has earned numerous nationally and internationally recognized certifications including: Myers-Briggs (MBTI), Development Dimensions International (DDI), The Institute of Cultural Affairs’ Group Facilitation Methods, Franklin-Covey, General Electric’s Change Acceleration Process (CAP) and Vital Smarts’ Crucial Conversations. She is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has been certified as a registered Hypnotherapist in the US and Canada. Carol is also a Neuro-Feedback Specialist having founded Optimum Brain Institute in 2006

She is the co-author of McGraw-Hill’s The Big Book of Brain Building Games, (2010) providing brain basics and activities/exercises to foster increased group learning, communication, team building, and problem solving.

Having taught and consulted for industries (financial, aerospace, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, Non-Profit, real estate, health care, agricultural, social services) and academic institutions in both the US and Canada, Carol has delivered seminars and workshops for thousands of participants/clients including: General Electric, J. P. Morgan Chase, City of Phoenix, City of Houston, Continental Airlines, AT&T, Menasco Aerospace, State University of NY College of Optometry, Sheridan College, Daemon College, and North Harris-Montgomery Community College.

Whether it’s leading sustained change, coaching your teams to innovatively solve problems, building or renewing your team’s spirit, or becoming more skilled delivering those uncomfortable crucial conversations, Carol can assist your teams, your leaders and your organization reach their goals.

Areas of Expertise:
Communication Skills
Customer Service
Organizational Effectiveness
Presentation Skills

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