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Debbie Allen, CSP


Allen & Associates Consulting, Inc
85 W. Combs Road
Suite 101-343
San Tan Valley, Arizona 85140-9160 USA

Office: 480-634-7691
Debbie Allen, CSP

Debbie Allen, CSP

Debbie Allen, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) is a business growth and market positioning expert who has been a profession speaker for 25 years and presented in 28 countries.

Debbie is a best-selling author of 9 books including The Highly Paid Expert and Success Is Easy. Her book and expertise is featured as an Ask An Expert for Entreprenuer Magazine.

Debbie’s high-energy, information-rich, fun and motivating presentations always gain her rave reviews from audiences! She keynotes at business conferences, franchises, direct sales and entreprenurial events.

Debbie has built and sold multiple million-dollar businesses s in diverse industries as an entrepreneur since a young age. She is a recipient of the National Chamber of Commerce Blue Chip Enterprise Award for overcoming business obstacles and achieving fast business growth.

From the member's website:
Never Allow Anyone to Steal Your Dreams
Don’t bother sharing your affirmations, beliefs and goals with negative people. These “dream stealers” are negative forces that can rob you of your confidence and personal empowerment. They can even stop you from taking action toward your goals. Often they come in the form of doomsayers that enjoy wallowing in their own self-pity. They focus More
04: Get Out of The Lame Excuses Zone
If you want to be successful, you have to get out of your own way with some of the excuses that are coming out of your mouth. We don’t even realize what we say sometimes. Join Debbie Allen to hear how negative self-talk kills opportunities for success and learn all about the “Lame Excuse Zone”. More
Find Space for New Opportunity to Come Your Way
Productive business people find time to allow for the creation of “space” which gives them time to think and expand on new business ideas. This is often described as working On your business versus working In your business. By learning how to find “space” to grow my own businesses I’ve also learned the skill of More

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