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Debra Exner

Debra Exner

Debra Exner collaborates as a way of life. It is a skill she developed after she decided she was tired of being a Lone Ranger. She helps her audiences connect, communicate and collaborate by assessing their “collaborability” and learning ways to make collaboration an every day practice and a source of vitality. Debra brings over 20 years of experience in building high performing teams, a culture of innovation and communicative networks resulting in higher levels of engagement, service and profitability. Her inviting and energizing style opens people’s minds to new learning and the development of proven skills.

Debra uses her 20+ years of training and coaching experience to create a safe space for exploration in which her audiences can look at, then create, big possibilities from a new perspective. She knows where people get stuck and how to get them moving forward again. In addition to being a professional member of the National Speakers Association and President of the Arizona NSA Chapter, she is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and a Past-President of the International Coach Federation Phoenix chapter. If you need higher levels of engagement, service and profitability, then you need to call Debra Exner.

Her topics include:

Collaboration Pays Off! Collaboration unleashes the power that comes from complementary insights, skills, and talents. It creates outcomes that are better than single efforts and can be used for many aspects of your work, leadership, and creative efforts. Assess your “collaborability” and learn ways to make collaboration an every day practice and a source of vitality. Open the door to innovation, new ideas and an optimal end result and enjoy your contribution more.

The Great “Life-Balance” Myth: regain control over your time, energy and soul Those who claim you can “balance” the thousand screaming demands on your life probably spend most of their time on a deserted island. You’re never going to be balanced and furthermore you don’t even want to be balanced. There’s no movement or growth when things are balanced; it’s not even normal. In this earthy, no nonsense presentation you’ll explore how to move, dance, juggle and stay in control while you’re doing so. Learn to take all that energy spent on guilt because your life isn’t “balanced” and throw a party for yourself. You’ll never have more energy, confidence and sheer fun. And you’ll never be so productive!

Patient Not Passive! Improve health outcomes through collaborations between patients and medical professionals Any time one person is dependent on another breakdowns in communication and collaboration are inevitable. Far too often this is what happens in doctor/nurse-patient relationships to the detriment of both. Debbie Exner and Maddie Hunter partner up to help you build effective collaboration between patients and medical professionals. Develop trust and learn important information that each member of the team can provide. Enable patients to enlist their own faith and confidence in dealing as effectively as possible with their health challenges.

Speak, Breathe, Be: how to make enduring connections through communication Let’s face it…success in life depends on how well you communicate with people. Learn to express your ideas with precision, work through differences and dramatically increase the engagement of other people.

Areas of Expertise:
Communication Skills
Conflict Resolution
Life Balance
Performance Improvement
Team Building
Time/Self Management

dexner - Updated: January 10, 2019
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