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Rich Hamilton

Rich Hamilton

In Disney Magic, published by SellBetter Tools, Rich Hamilton examined Disney’s theme parks and discovered success secrets everyone can use!

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A Disney “outsider,” Rich’s discoveries are practical and easy to implement, more than just touting the Disney company story.

Rich’s Disney stories wrap themselves around Corporate Strategy, Customer Service, Selling Skills, Leadership, and more.

Why is Disney so important?

Walt Disney brought Mickey Mouse to the world, and was the first to add sound to cartoons, the first to add color to cartoons, and the first to create a feature length animated feature film.

His most remarkable creation was Disneyland. And the most amazing part of Disneyland was the system he put in place that today, nearly 50 years later, is still delivering a “good show” to millions of guests each year at theme parks in California, Florida, and around the world.

It was no accident. Walt knew what he wanted, and he knew there would be so many new employees that it would be a challenge for them to understand his goals. So he created Disney University, an in-company training system to infuse the organization with an understanding of why they were there and what was expected.

More than a nuts-and-bolts skills program, Disney University taught the philosophy and culture of Disney’s business. It was done so well that today, over 35 years after Walt’s death, the Disney theme park cast still delivers the key values that Walt thought were most important. And, with that important understanding, they’re ready and able to move into leadership roles in the company.

What this means to you

The success methods Rich Hamilton discovered at the Disney theme parks apply to any organization, large or small, and most can even be used at home.

This information is Great for:

– People who have an interest in Disney and Disney theme parks – Top management looking for improved business strategy – Middle management wanting effective techniques – Non-management employees wanting success ideas for work or home – People who like a success story – Rich’s books include:

Disney Magic: Business Strategy You Can Use at Work and at Home. Art Linkletter describes this book as “a veritable Disney BIBLE!” The Disney business culture, customer service methods, and team building strategies are covered.

Disney Magic Ideabook: Use Disney’s Magic Strategy for Your Own Business Success. A collection of essays on marketing and business ideas discovered at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Internet Business Magic: Use Disney’s Magic Strategy in Your Own Online Business. How to take the Disney business model and apply it to an online enterprise. Strategies apply to all businesses, from giant corporations to sole proprietorships.

From the member's website:
Disney Magic Seminars
Four Seminars with Rich Hamilton, author of Disney Magic Business Strategy! It makes business more fun. Learn more about how you can put the strategies from Disney Magic to work in your business! Seminars cover Business Strategy and Leadership, Magical Customer Service, Powerful Keys to People and Management, and Growing Creativity. Putting the Disney Business More
Could Mickey Mouse Run Your Business?
Pixie dust” is flying, and it’s Disney’s secret to their theme park success. “Just ask any employees at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, and they’ll confirm that ‘pixie dust’ is everywhere,” says Rich Hamilton, author of a new book titled, Disney Magic: Business Strategy You Can Use at Work and at Home. Walt Disney learned More
Walt Disney’s Success Story
Success begins with a Dream “When you wish upon a star…” begins the song used as a theme for Disney television programs, and, perhaps, a theme for the entire Disney operation. Walt Disney was a man of dreams. He dreamed big dreams. And he made his dreams come true. Walt Disney would agree, and is More

Areas of Expertise:
Business Management
Customer Service
Organizational Effectiveness
Problem Solving
Sales Skills
Self Help
Spouse Programs
Strategic Planning
Stress Management
Time/Self Management

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