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Vicki Sandler

Vicki Sandler

Do you want to accomplish so much more with so much less, better, and without undue stress?

You can when you learn to consciously direct your energy to create the life and work of your dreams! The 3-step method used by Vicki Sandler and her employees to grow their green energy company, APS Energy Services, from zero to $220 million in revenues per year for over a decade, is distilled in her multiple award-winning book, Find Your Scream, Live Your Dream: Discover Your Inner Leader. Vicki can guide you to find the success and fulfillment you desire in your life and work through her transformative leadership and personal development talks as a professional speaker, award winning author and coach.

Vicki Sandler is an energy expert in every sense of the word. Be it green, “regular,” or your own energy! Vicki is the CEO (that is, “Chief Energy Officer”) of her own life! As mentioned, she was the CEO of APS Energy Service’s start up and entry as the first competitive retail electricity and green energy company in the California market. Vicki attributes the company’s growth (to $220 million in revenues per year for a decade, $80 million in assets and over 100 employees in 4 states) to the practice of aligning each person’s natural strengths and values with their work. APSES was a competitive energy services company providing commodity risk management and procurement services, energy efficiency, district energy, green and sustainability solutions in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Texas.

Vicki and her people were able to have fun AND compete with companies many times their size by awakening the leader within -their intuition- and consciously directing their energy.

Vicki Sandler, Esq., is also the Executive Director of an energy group, the Arizona Independent Scheduling Administrator Association (AzISA) since 2008. AzISA was formed and approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in 1998 to facilitate open, non-discriminatory transmission access by electric competitors on the grid within Arizona because there is no Regional Transmission Organization.

As the former senior energy legal counsel for Arizona Public Service Company for fifteen years, she represented APS, the largest utility in Arizona, before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Arizona Corporation Commission. Vicki had the privilege of arguing a $23 million transmission line case before now Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Ms. Sandler has a BS in Economics from the graduating Phi Beta Kappa, from UofA where she authored recognized papers with economics Nobel laureate, Dr. Vernon Smith. She has a Juris Doctorate, graduating with distinction, from ASU and is a member of the Arizona Bar Association and Board member for the ABACCUS energy restructuring group. She is a 32 year volunteer for the YMCA, public policy chair, and former Branch Board Chair. She is the proud mother of two ASU graduates and wife of a retired major felony prosecutor, Jeff. See

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Areas of Expertise:
Business Management
Life Balance
Organizational Effectiveness
Performance Improvement
Productivity Issues
Self Help

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