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Bob Loeffler


Fearless Agent
8336 E. San Simon Dr.
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258 United States

Bob Loeffler

Bob Loeffler

Real Estate Companies – Associations – Affiliates

Are the agents you serve earning less Selling Real Estate than they wish they were?

Are the Owners of Real Estate Companies recruiting too few producing agents? Bob Loeffler Can Help! Fearless Agent is all About:

Earning your full worth, Making More Money, Having More Fun!

Before considering a Fearless Agent Realtor Roadmap Speaking experience with Bob, most clients can relate to one or more of the following statements;!

“I just don’t feel comfortable saying the prospecting words I’ve been taught” “I don’t want people thinking I’m high pressure” “I’m earning less than I wish I was selling real estate” “I wish someone could show me the secrets to getting leads, getting listings, running this thing like a business” “I don’t like not having a dependable, steady income” “The people in my office who are successful seemed to have a lot of advantages that I don’t have” “I’m tired of discounting my fees to get business” “I can’t seem to get my sellers to price their houses right ” “I really don’t have the worlds greatest listing presentation” “I can’t seem to get the buyers to make a decision” “Why is real estate so much harder than I thought it would be” “I’m tired of spending money on marketing junk that never pays off” “My income is too up and down”

Can You relate?

“I want to earn the kind of money I was dreaming of when I got my license” “I want to focus and do only the high dollar per hour activities in real estate” “I want to be a top producer and help lots of clients” “I want to be confident in every single real estate situation” “I can’t wait to learn the perfect words that make prospecting fun” “I want to be able to handle every single objection” “I don’t ever want to be afraid to pick up the phone again” “I deserve to be a successful real estate professional” “I want to be respected by the other agents because of my production” “I want to be a Fearless Agent”

Bob Loeffler’s Fearless Agent Realtor Roadmap is your passport to:

Earning your full worth in the real estate business! Getting the Listings your competition can’t and at full fee! Feeling super confident in every situation because you have the right words, right presentation, right system! Generating referrals like a machine! Building a Listing based business if that’s what you desire! Building a Buyer based business if that’s what you prefer! Being the Fearless Agent you always knew you could be!

Bob Loeffler got into real estate in 30 years ago, when mortgage rates were 15% and the average market time for listings in his area was over a year. He eagerly devoured all the company training, took classes, worked hard, and failed miserably. After 5 years of poverty-level earning and frustration, he turned his career around with a unique sales strategy.

A Simple Plan

Focusing on this simple business plan, in just 90 days Bob generated 50 Listing, Sales, Sold Listings and Closings. An associate of Bob’s also adopted this method who in turn took 19 listings in that same 90 days. They joined forces and became the number one producing team for Century 21 in the state of Arizona. For Bob, this success was effortless, not because he had talent, but because he finally had learned certain skills.

The Right Words

These are skills any agent can quickly learn but nobody in our industry ever teaches them! He now teaches these amazing, easy-to-learn skills to agents all over North America. Bob takes his audience through everything from lead generation, presenting, to closing – incorporating exact words, situations and examples from real life. Bob and his Team at Fearless Agent absolutely love real estate Agents, Company Owners, and Managers and they love making your job easy and profitable!

Don’t Wait Call Today – 480-385-8810 – Ask for a FREE Consultation

Imagine waking up every day knowing exactly what you need to do, who you will talk to, what you will say, and most of all, knowing that it will work! Every day!

If you are frustrated with your real estate career, or you’re making enough money but you don’t have a life, and you’re tired of just taking classes and hearing more about Social Media?

We Can Help!

We can help you. Our coaching clients average one transaction a week! We don’t expect you to just sign up for coaching without knowing what it’s all about. Let’s take a test drive together!

Please contact us for a FREE no obligation, introductory one-on-one actual Consultation Session with founder of Fearless Agent, Bob Loeffler just to see how we can help you.

New or Experienced!

Whether you’re a brand new agent, or an experienced veteran, we’ll take a look together, at where you are now in your real estate career, where you’d like to be, and step-by-step how to best get you there! This first Session is absolutely FREE! Don’t Wait! – 480-385-8810

Areas of Expertise:
Presentation Skills
Sales Skills
Time/Self Management

BLoeffler - Updated: January 19, 2017
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