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Barbara McNichol


Barbara McNichol Editorial

5090 N. Camino de la Cumbre
Tucson, AZ 85750

Toll Free: 1-877-696-4899
In Tucson: 520-615-7910
Cell Phone: 520-576-4382

Barbara McNichol

Barbara McNichol

Authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs look to Barbara McNichol for expert editing of nonfiction books, articles, one-sheets, and more. Added to that are her STRENGTHEN Everything You Write WordShops that teach specifics about the craft of writing for business.

Barbara is the editor of our News Flash monthly newsletter. She creates two ezines–Add Power to Your Pen and Word Tripper of the Week–filled with tips for making your prose more powerful. Details at

From the member's website:
A Distinction Between “Optimal” and “Optimum”?
by Kathleen Watson According to, scientists in the mid-19th century needed a word to describe the most favorable point, degree or amount; the best condition for the growth and reproduction of an organism. They took “optimus” from Latin to create the noun optimum. It filled the scientific need, and optimum eventually gained use beyond More
What Editors Tell Authors About Improving Their Writing
by Barbara McNichol What can editors tell writers and authors about improving their writing? Consider these five common writing mistakes even conscientious writers make: Mistake #1: Being self-absorbed as a writer. With too much talk about the author’s experience of writing, you risk overlooking the reader’s experience. The fix? Use “you” more than “I” in More
Do You Feel Stuck in Advancing Your Book?
Editor’s Note: You’ll benefit greatly from this program if you’re dealing with inertia on making your book-writing dreams come true. Gail Woodard is a consummate pro who has taught me a lot about the publishing process. The best part? You don’t have to go it alone! Consider this program to kick off your new year More

Areas of Expertise:
Communication Skills

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