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Barbara McNichol


Barbara McNichol Editorial

5090 N. Camino de la Cumbre
Tucson, AZ 85750

Toll Free: 1-877-696-4899
In Tucson: 520-615-7910
Cell Phone: 520-576-4382

Barbara McNichol

Barbara McNichol

Authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs look to Barbara McNichol for expert editing of nonfiction books, articles, one-sheets, and more. Added to that are her STRENGTHEN Everything You Write WordShops that teach specifics about the craft of writing for business.

Barbara has created a subscription resource call Word Tripper Tips, filled with tips for making your prose more powerful. Details at

From the member's website:
Fine-Tune Your Writing Through an Editor’s Lens
by Barbara McNichol Whenever you write something—a report, article, proposal, manuscript, or sensitive email—you naturally don a writer’s hat. But don’t stop there. You’re not finished! It’s time to scrutinize and then fine-tune what you’ve crafted. Start with this question: Does every word contribute to conveying your intended message? To answer that question, you need More
Authors: Virtual Classes Now at Book Selling University
Book Selling University is pleased to announce it now offers live, virtual “classes” with Guy Achtzehn, an expert in selling books in both small and large, non-returnable quantities to non-bookstore (special sales) buyers. Individuals will get an understanding of their target prospects,  steps for selling to them, and ways to repeat the process for long-term More
Common Words That Still Trip Us Up
Source: The post Common Words That Still Trip Us Up appeared first on Barbara McNichol Editorial Services More

Areas of Expertise:
Communication Skills

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