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Joe Contrera



14257 S 8th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85048

Toll free: 1-877-97-A-L-I-V-E
Phoenix: 480-460-7545
847-922-9190 Direct

Joe Contrera

Joe Contrera

Joe Contrera is the president and founder of ALIVE @ WORK ® LLC. He helps Extraordinary Leaders Achieve Extraordinary Results. Joe is the author of three books, his latest book, Extraordinary Results: Mastering the Art of Leading, Coaching, & Influencing Others is changing the way leaders leverage influence to achieve higher levels of productivity and employee engagement.

Joe speaks on programs that integrate authenticity, focus, and accountability, into bottom line results.

Joe is certified in the field of DISC Behavior, Motivator, and Emotional Intelligence Sciences. He is a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute in San Ra-fell, California and a member of The International Coach Federation.

From the member's website:
Lights, Camera, Action …. You’re On!
Lights, Camera, Action …. You’re On! “If all the world’s a stage … please stick to your own script!” – Joe Contrera With all of the chaos unfolding over the world, I am struck by the level of judgment being projected by others onto the world’s stage. When I speak of projection, I am speaking… More
Stop Giving Your Power Away and Take Back Control
Stop Giving Your Power Away and Take Back Control! Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse … they did! Why? Because where you focus your thoughts determines what unfolds in your life. Yes, you can call it The Law of Attraction, Quantum Physics, Karma, or some other woo-woo bulls***. The real issue is that you need… More
Let Go: It’s Your Circus … They’re Your Monkeys
Let Go: It’s Your Circus … They’re Your Monkeys If you’ve ever been to the circus and observed acrobats swinging from one trapeze to the next, you realize that at some point there is a defining moment when they must let go of one trapeze and leap to the next. For a short period of… More

Areas of Expertise:
Facilitation & Facilitation Skills

jcontrera - Updated: July 30, 2018
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