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Kathy Dempsey, CSP


Keep Shedding, Inc.

10080 E. Mountain View Lake Dr. Ste. 362
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Kathy Dempsey, CSP

Kathy Dempsey, CSP

Kathy’s powerful shedding message ignites people and organizations globally with the practical skills to lead and master change. She draws from a deep well of over 25 years of health care, corporate education and organizational development experience. Kathy’s ‘signature story’ is her transformation as an ER/trauma nurse who became the first health care worker in America to be diagnosed positive for AIDS as a result of workplace exposure. She received national attention as a result of this life-altering hospital-based event that ‘made her a poster child’ for the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The diagnosis, a death sentence in the mid-80s, was confirmed with multiple positive tests. Months later, all tests returned negative. A miracle or medical error? No one is able to explain. The 3 months that Kathy lived with that traumatic diagnosis was a life-altering experience. Her presentations reach far beyond that experience, to build a touchstone with each member of the audience. Her dramatic account provides focus, inspiration and practical tools for people to lead and master change in their personal and professional lives.

Areas of Expertise:
Communication Skills
Large Systems Change
Organizational Development Interventions

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