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Kevin Gazzara


Kevin Gazzara
15001 S 20TH PLACE
PHOENIX, Arizona 85048 United States

Kevin Gazzara

Kevin Gazzara

Dr. Kevin D. Gazzara – Wizard of Leadership

Professor, Author, Musician, Researcher, Leader, Speaker, Coach, Consultant and Dad

Background and Experience

Dr. Gazzara is the co-author of the acclaimed book “The Leader of OZ – Revealing the 101 Secrets of Marvelous Leadership” This book has created fresh new leadership approaches for business results for a variety of Fortune 500 clients ranging from high-tech semiconductors/software to high-touch healthcare.

Kevin brings his insider views and unique management and leadership perspectives from 30+ years of engineering, marketing and leadership development at Intel, Transamerica and IMO Industries and weaves these perspectives into all of his programs. He creatively demonstrates practical solutions to help others discover their true leadership potential on their path to extreme success.

Why choose Kevin? • If you want someone with a global perspective who has delivered programs in more than a dozen different countries and has spoken extensively throughout the US and Canada. • If you want your event to be high-energy, interactive, entertaining and most importantly overflowing with well researched compelling and convincing content. • If you want someone who has shown that when you have fun you can personally captivate your audience to realize that business can be serious, but people don’t have to be. • If you want your audience to benefit from someone with vast experience from corporate start-ups and acquisitions, managing marketing/sales organizations, development teams for new products, engineering, and new businesses. Kevin makes a personal connection with the audiences that only this shared experience can bring.

Kevin’s Presentation Philosophy

“It’s Always the Good Samaritan’s Business” – This is Kevin’s leadership and presentation philosophy which he adopted from his father, Dominic; it defines the foundation for all of his groundbreaking management and leadership development programs. Providing audiences with not just what they want, but what they need to energize and, more importantly, inspire self-initiated immediate change in the workplace is the objective of every event.

What do audiences say about Dr. Gazzara’s programs?

• “A whole new outlook on Management and Leadership” • “Amazing! It was one of the best presentations I had ever attended” • “Dynamite, very innovative and I learned a lot” • “One of the first speakers I’ve seen that had the background and depth that left me with something I could truly use, I completely enjoyed the keynote speech” • “A great interactive program, we all had our “Blast” moments that made the information stick”  


If you are looking for a catalyst to inspire your audience and create a buzz to give them something to talk about for the entire event, then Kevin is the right choice. Kevin’s talks generate new thinking through a dialogue with the audience, not a monolog. This dialogue gets people to realize the value of building great teams and how to become a better team member through controversial ideas. Let Kevin leave your audience with simple, easy to use approaches and tools to release the full potential inherent in all technical and non-technical team members.


The “Wizardry” Business Results Series:

  1. The wizardry of leading for business results in the land of OZ
  2. The wizardry of employee engagement for business results
  3. The wizardry of leading cross-cultural organizations for business results
  4. The wizardry of technology leadership for business results – Your “crystal ball” to reveal untapped innovation
  5. The wizardry of building great global teams for business results
  6. The wizardry of transforming managers into great leaders for business results

All presentations are tailored to each client’s audience. More extensive customization is available upon request.

Magna Leadership Solutions LLC

Kevin is a senior partner with Magna Leadership Solutions LLC, which provides consulting, assessments, training, facilitation and executive coaching services to Fortune 500 companies as well as to smaller organizations. The firm’s primary expertise focuses on the high tech industry and emerging technologies. Magna Leadership works with all levels of an organization from first-line managers and their direct reports, to senior and executive management.

Teaching and Education

Dr. Gazzara is a faculty member at three universities, where he teaches Leadership, Management, Business Development, Organizational Behavior and Marketing on a regular basis. He is an on-line and classroom instructor in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs for programs across the US. He has been an invited lecturer on leadership at Stanford University and numerous global conferences. Kevin holds a B.S. in Commerce and Engineering from Drexel University, an MBA from Philadelphia University and a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership from the University or Phoenix.


Technology Management, Leadership, Management, Teams and Organizational Development, Communication, Employee Engagement, Motivation and Retention, Global and Cross-Cultural Management/Leadership.

Areas of Expertise:
Business Management
Communication Skills
Conflict Resolution
Decision Making
Facilitation & Facilitation Skills
Organizational Effectiveness
Organizational Skills
Performance Improvement
Presentation Skills
Problem Solving
Productivity Issues
Team Building
Time/Self Management

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