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Liz Recchia


We Sell Real Estate, LLC & School of Real Estate

530 E McDowell Rd #107-149
Phoenix Az 85004

Liz Recchia

Liz Recchia

Liz Recchia (The Kitchen Table Advisor) is the Broker/Owner of We Sell Real Estate, LLC, We Sell Real Estate School of Real Estate and the author of ”HELP! I Can’t Make My House Payment!” She works with distressed homeowners, investors, buyers and sellers. For 18 years she has coached agents and the public on homeownership and managing their financial health in order to purchase, preserve or regain property ownership. She has coached and advised several real estate agents and brokers so that they may build successful, long term businesses in real estate with integrity, property rights and personal service as their cornerstone.

Liz has sat at many kitchen tables and helped many people survive and plan to thrive after a loan modification, foreclosure or short sale. It starts with understanding the foreclosure process and then managing and controlling that process. Liz also teaches real estate pre-licensing classes for real estate agents and brokers in Arizona.


– Buying and selling real estate with 1031 exchanges and IRA’s

– Buying and Selling real estate without a FICO score, Bank or the Government – Tools you Great Grandmother used.

– What we REALLY do as real estate professionals- Protecting personal property rights for our clients, communities and ourselves.

– Just Get A Plan – For your real estate business (agents & investors)

– Pathway to homeownership – Step by Step

– What you need to know before you get your real estate license

– The real estate foreclosure process – what is it and how does it work? Managing the process

– Establish a 1-year,3-year and 5-year plan to finanical stability and real estate ownership

– What to do when your “approved” loan modification turns out to be a foreclosure

– Evaluating your family financial situation – How to determine if you are a candidate for short sale or loan modification.

– Short Sale vs. Foreclosure (REO) – How to buy or sell these properties.

– After the foreclosure, bankruptcy or short sale – Preparing to purchase a house again in 1-5 years.

– Analyzing your personal financials and make a plan

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lrecchia - Updated: August 31, 2017
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