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Randy Goruk


The Randall Wade Group, LLC

Scottsdale, Arizona


Randy Goruk

Randy Goruk

Randy Goruk believes, “Leaders are as good as you make them or as bad as you let them be.” His focus therefore, is on strengthening leadership skills, improving leadership behaviors and elevating individual and organizational performance.

His memorable presentations are designed to provide knowledge and to help plant seeds of creative thought in leadership for results.

Randy has been speaking to groups for over 30 years. A seasoned, versatile and compelling speaker, he speaks with candor that will educate and inspire any size of audience on relevant leadership topics of today.

Randy has a personal and casual delivery style that earns the trust and confidence of large audiences. In smaller groups Randy excels at interactive “town hall meeting” venues.

He uses proven presentation concepts but customizes content for each presentation to make it personal and poignant to each client’s specific needs.

With more than three decades of extensive hands-on leadership experience, Randy has a unique seasoned executive perspective enabling him to design and deliver exceptional leadership seminars, workshops and keynotes with proven results.

Recent Testimonials:

“Randy, your excellent presentation at the Association of Millwork Distributors 45th Annual Convention was very well received. The topic How to Sell More in a Down Market was timely and appropriate for our members. “Excellent – I will share this with my team upon return”, wrote one of the attendees. This comment clearly describes the view of all attendees. Thank you for being part of a successful 45th Annual Convention.” — Miguel A. Rivera-Sanchez, Association of Millwork Distributors

“I appreciated the six elements of leadership in the eBook. It is particularly important to consider the importance of learning to plan like a leader”. — Marv Askey, Western Regional Sales Manager, Boise Cascade

“Randy Goruk definitely lives up to being dynamic and relevant. I am a seasoned leader myself, and Randy’s presentation on Leadership Landmines, even showed me a few things.” — Ben Hershey, President , Alliance TruTrus

Contact us to bring Randy and his sought-after leadership techniques to your next meeting or event: or call 1.800.308.4002

From the member's website:
Bad Bosses Beware
A friend of mine recently quit his new vice president post because of his boss, the president of the company. Apparently, he found out early that his boss led with lies, inconsistencies, hypocrisy, and a bad temper- leadership competencies that no one should be proud of. During the interview process, he saw no sign of More
Creating a Functional Team
One of my favorite reads about functional and dysfunctional teams is the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team as identified by author Patrick Lencioni. As a refresher, the 5 dysfunctions Lencioni writes about are: Inattention to Detail Avoidance of Accountability Lack of Commitment Fear of Conflict Absence of Trust Any team possessing some or all of More
Non-Verbal Communication and Spring Training Baseball
Spring Training baseball is in full gear in Florida and Arizona. If you attend a game, notice the amount of communication that transpires on the field. You’ll find it quite interesting. Going on throughout the game is constant non-verbal manager-to-player and player-to-player communication. When a team is on the defensive side of the ball, non-verbal More

Areas of Expertise:
Executive Assessment
Performance Improvement
Strategic Planning
Team Building

rgoruk - Updated: March 23, 2017
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