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Why WAIT to be GREAT? It’s either NOW or TOO LATE—Terry Hawkins

NSA-Arizona Program April 12, 2014

Why WAIT to be GREAT? It’s either NOW or TOO LATE

with Terry Hawkins

Terry HawkinsCombat the fear of change and turn adversity into action with FLIPMAN® and PITMAN® using Terry’s unique and proven 4-step process for success.

Terry Hawkins is someone who can shift people to action, shake their tree and get them to move from where they are to where the need to be for RESULTS – with loads of humor, fun and interaction!

BIG results require BIG action and BIG action requires BIG change. Shifting people from their current state or mindset, to one that propels them to new heights can be both challenging and fearful, and requires a speaker with expert skill and delivery. As a triple award winning entrepreneur, speaker and author, Terry Hawkins is the CHANGE and ACCOUNTABILITY expert. Having delivered this dynamic and transformational keynote to thousands of audiences around the globe, Terry Hawkins has influenced leaders, sales people and professionals from every industry and every walk of life.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Discover why passion, motivation and desire are not enough!
  • Identify personal blocks to performance and peace.
  • Create emotional, physical and mental states at will.
  • Take ownership of personal results and set new benchmarks.
  • Build results producing strategies for personal and team success.
  • Release past behaviors that no longer serve their purpose.

Rather than give a lightweight, feel good session you will be amazed as you watch her effortlessly offer powerful, long lasting strategies in a simplistic, captivating manner. Terry will give the answers and provide an experience that will alter the way your audience will think and feel forever!

“We were blown away by Terry! One minute we were rolling in the aisles with laughter—the next we were touched by the sheer life experiences and perception used to convey the message. And what a message! A room full of nodding heads—hundreds of 'ah ha' moments. The feedback was all the same, 'bring Terry back next year.'"
Robyn Keegan, Communications and Customer Relations Manager, UnderCoverWear

Terry Hawkins (CSP) is an award winning speaker, award winning entrepreneur, best selling author and founder/owner (1989) of People In Progress Global, an industry leader in enterprise training resources with offices in Australia and now the USA. Terry’s dynamic, transformational presentation style and her powerful, action based messages have made her the most in demand speaker throughout Australia. (She is now in the USA!)

How to Use the Right Words to Contact Journalists in the Digital Age… so you can Market Your Message to the Media

with Raleigh Pinskey

In 2013 surveys showed that two hundred plus journalists were eliminated from their on-line and off-air jobs.

The media you once had “in your pocket” is now busily navigating a new frontier of open floodgates and uncharted territory, where they are inundated with new rules, boundaries, and parameters.

RaleighPinskeyThose once “easy contacts” could now be freelancing, setting up their own brand.

What was once a carefully walled off bastion guarded with layers of sentries holding back the flood gates of email, snail mail and phone calls is now an open-air, approachable marketplace at Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Online News Rooms, on-line magazines, blogs, Google Hangouts, You Tube channels, Skype conferences, webinars, podcasting, streaming sessions, mobile and app information modules…, to name a few.

In this presentation we will address the new delivery methods and language that the digital media in their developing world need and prefer to receive from you.

Get ready to learn “How to Use the Right Words to Contact Journalists in the Digital Age.”

Raleigh R. Pinskey’s hero and mentor P.T. Barnum said, “Without promotion something terrible happens…, Nothing.” Raleigh R. Pinskey's passion is to do everything she can to help you avoid a life filled with nothing and nothingness. The Raleigh Group PR, founded in 1980, specializes in providing clients with a success path so they can achieve their goals. Raleigh not only did their PR, but for 33 years she coached the entertainers and business people on their personal growth, to get them to their maximum potential. A sample of Raleigh’s client history includes Sting, McCartney, KISS, Blonde, Jazz Man Herbie Mann, the $5000 Marilyn Monroe Doll, the first book in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs, associations, non-profit organizations, Soap Opera and Broadway stars, and The Bronx Zoo's a Great Snake Named Jake.

Raleigh R. Pinskey is the author of six international bestselling books, including the popular 101 Ways to Promote Yourself with 200,000 in print and published in several languages; The Zen of Hype and How to Write a Killer 8-Second Subject Line. Regarded as an expert in these topics she is often called upon by the media, appearing on over 150 radio and TV talk shows, and in hundreds of magazines and newspaper articles online and offline.

Author Panel

with Vickie Mullins, Ted Rogers, Les Taylor and Tyrone Holmes

Are you ready to work on your first book? Do you have questions about traditional vs. self-publishing? Would you like to sell books by the truckload? Would you like to get paid to publish articles? Do you want to know how print-on-demand works? Have you thought about publishing a Minibuk? Would you like to know how to use your books as a marketing tool for your speaking business? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll want to join us for the author’s panel at the April 12, 2014 NSA-Arizona meeting. Our panel of experts, Vickie Mullins, Ted Rogers, Les Taylor and Tyrone Holmes will talk about the various ways to get published, to get paid and to use your writing as a form of content marketing. Our moderator, Debra Exner will take your questions and facilitate a discussion on the actions each of us can take to get published!

Join us for this outstanding program!

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NSA-Arizona Future Programs Lineup


  • April 12—Terry Hawkins, CSP - Why WAIT to be GREAT? It's Either NOW or TOO LATE
  • May 10—Ron Karr, CSP - After Thousands Spent to Get a Live Prospect on the Phone, Here is How to Close the Deal! AND Brian Tracy, CPAE - Perform at Your Best: Seven Ways to Double Your Income in Speaking
  • June 14—TBA

Thank you to the NSA-Arizona Program Committee: Tyrone Holmes, chair.

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