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SOLD OUT—What it Takes To Start, Run, ReInvent & Grow Your (Speaking) Business with Damian Mason, CSP


NSA-Arizona Living Room Forum

To further enhance and improve a speaker’s career, NSA-Arizona offers monthly Living Room Forums, which are more intimate events featuring industry experts that are held in private homes or businesses. They are the perfect opportunity for attendees to participate in topics of interest while developing the tools and techniques to grow professionally or to improve areas where they have prior experience.

Because LRF is a smaller venue with a more relaxed and casual setting, you will find it offers attendees a higher level of dialogue with more opportunities for questions, conversations, and action-item takeaways ready for implementation.

The LRF is offered exclusively to members and guests of the NSA-Arizona Chapter.

SOLD OUT—What it Takes To Start, Run, ReInvent & Grow Your (Speaking) Business

Facilitator: Damian Mason, CSP

Date: March 28, 2018
Time: 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Venue: Home of Damian and Lori Mason
Tatum and Shea Blvds., Phoenix

When you attend NSA meetings you hear good speakers present good ideas. But what does it really take to turn those ideas into a business? That’s the step where most aspiring entrepreneurs get stuck.

This Living Room Forum is all about the business. Your Business! How to start (or kickstart) it. How to run it like a business. How to ReInvent when the marketplace changes (and it will!). And how to grow your business to create the life and business of your choosing.

Damian Mason resigned from corporate America in 1994 to pursue a career in political comedy. He was 25 years old, still paying off college, and renting the loft in his friend’s condominium. Since then he’s reinvented several times and delivered nearly 2,000 paid presentations.

He and his wife, Lori, are presenting. They’ll give you a behind the scenes look at what it takes to keep their enterprise flourishing. They’ll teach you the traits you need to possess, the habits you must develop, and practices you can implement.

This is NOT theoretical fluff. It’s proven business methods with applicable takeaways for your enterprise! It’s also honest information—you can learn from someone else’s mistakes!

  • Learn how to start (or kickstart) your business
  • Discover what it really means to "run it like a business"
  • Create the business and the life of your choosing

Goals, money, marketing, biz methods, management, creativity, time efficiency, critical analysis, selling, relationships, finding your WHY, and much more.

Damian and Lori are two blue collar kids from Indiana who’ve created a life and business by design. Attend this forum if your goal is to do the same.

Damian Mason is a Businessman, Agriculturist, Speaker, Podcaster, Writer, and Consultant. Damian’s life on stage began in southern California, when he won a Halloween contest dressed as Bill Clinton. Within months, he resigned his position as a sales representative for a Fortune 500 company.

Presidents change as does the marketplace. Damian reinvented himself and his business — today he speaks and advises on the two subjects he knows best: Business and Agriculture. Since 1994, he has spoken to nearly 2,000 audiences in all 50 states and 7 foreign countries.

A graduate of Purdue University, Damian also studied comedy writing and improvisation at The Second City—Chicago. Damian is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and is one of only 900 individuals in the world to hold the Certified Speaking Professional designation of the National Speakers Association.

The Living Room Forum meets from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Seating is limited.
Cost: $15 members $25 Guests
Registration and payment required by Monday, March 26; no refunds.
Noelle Stanley chairs the 2018 Living Room Forum Committee

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