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Getting a Media Interview and Making It Count with Rick DeBruhl—September 25

NSA-Arizona Living Room Forum

To further enhance and improve a speaker’s career, NSA-Arizona offers monthly Living Room Forums, which are more intimate events featuring industry experts that are held in private homes or businesses. They are the perfect opportunity for attendees to participate in topics of interest while developing the tools and techniques to grow professionally or to improve areas where they have prior experience.

Because LRF is a smaller venue with a more relaxed and casual setting, you will find it offers attendees a higher level of dialogue with more opportunities for questions, conversations, and action-item takeaways ready for implementation.

The LRF is offered exclusively to members and guests of the NSA-Arizona Chapter.

Getting a Media Interview and Making It Count

Facilitator: Rick DeBruhl
Date: Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Time: 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Format: Discussion
Venue: Home of Rick DeBruhl, 19th Ave. & Greenway

Your message needs a bigger audience! It would make for a perfect interview on local news or in the paper. But how do you get there? What’s the secret to a perfect story pitch? How do you break through the newsroom force field? And once you get that opportunity, how do you make the most of it? Some people will hire PR agencies to get their foot in the door. That’s great if you can afford it, but it’s still possible to pull off that first interview without any help. Like everything else in life, it just takes insight and persistence.

Rick DeBruhl has worked in the TV industry for four decades. He’s interviewed presidents and rock stars. More importantly, he’s interviewed and coached literally thousands of everyday people through their first media adventure. Rick will give advice about how you can make your pitch as well as how to nail the interview.

Your four key takeaways will be:

  • The secret to the perfect story pitch
  • Who should you pitch?
  • Why should they interview you?
  • What happens if you get brain freeze during the interview?

Rick DeBruhl is an Emmy Award winning network broadcaster. In addition to working as a news reporter and anchor for more than three decades, he has also worked for ABC, ESPN, NBC, Fox Sports and other networks covering auto racing. He is currently the voice of the Barrett Jackson auctions on the Motor Trend Network and a communication consultant based in Phoenix.

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Marla Harr and Lynne Wellish co-chair the 2019–2020 Living Room Forum Committee

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