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How to Continue to Build and Grow Your Speaking Business During Uncertain Times—Debbie Allen, CSP

Join us for NSA-Arizona's webinar series with host Kristin Arnold, CSP. Our next webinar is Monday, July 27, at 10:30 a.m. Arizona time. The webinar is free to Professional members and Candidates of NSA-Arizona. Watch your inbox for the link.

How to Continue to Build and Grow Your Speaking Business During Uncertain Times with Debbie Allen, CSP

This inspiring online Master Class will help you to get into action now, get more creative with your marketing, and build more powerful business relationships during down time.

Discover how to create a successful “new normal” in your speaking business by learning how to reboot, create multiple income streams and learn new business skills. Learn how to be pro-active and look for opportunities to build stronger client and business relationships for long-lasting success. Uncover new ways to gain customer loyalty, give back to your clients, and create outstanding value as an expert who speaks professionally.

Learn how to:

  • Stay motivated and take action now to grow your business during challenging times.
  • Create a “new normal” by reinventing the way you do business forever.
  • Develop multiple income streams around your expertise.
  • Build stronger client relationships and business partnerships.

Debbie Allen, CSP has been a full-time professional speaker and business consultant, plus a member of National Speakers Association for more than 25 years. Debbie is a bestselling author of nine books including The Highly Paid Expert and Success Is Easy and is a VIP Contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine. Expect high-value and quality content on this complimentary Master Class. Learn more about Debbie Allen’s extensive business and speaking background at

Kristin Arnold, MBA, CSP, CPF-Master, is on a quest to make all panel discussions lively and informative. As a high stakes meeting facilitator, keynote speaker and professional panel moderator, she's been facilitating conversations between executives and managers to make better decisions and achieve substantive results for over 20 years. She is also the past president of the US National Speakers Association and on the Executive Development Faculty in the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto.

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