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Members can edit their website profile online and expect immediate update of most information on the NSA-Arizona website. Complete instructions are on this page...

Please note that this does NOT update your information on record at the NSA-Arizona office or at the NSA national office. If addresses, phone numbers, or other information change be sure to update it with both offices, as well as online here for your online profile.

How to Log In and Edit Your Profile

Log in using the Member Access box in the sidebar.

Once you're logged in, the Member Access box will have links to see your profile and to edit your profile.

Problems? Questions? See below...

To save your changes, click Save Directory Profile. Then look for Back to Website and click the link to go directly to your profile.

To make further changes, click Click Here to Edit at the bottom of your profile.

Hint: If you can't find the Click Here to Edit link on your profile page, you're not logged in.

Frequently asked questions

Okay, some of these aren't questions, but they beg for an answer...

My login doesn't work

Both userid and password are case sensitive. Also, no spaces, including spaces before or after the userid and password. Check that before panicking or requesting the system issue a new password.

I forgot my password , or, I forgot my userid

When you're trying to login, there's an option for members who have forgotten their login id or password. Click that option and an email will be sent to you with a link that will allow you to generate a new password and email you (in a second email) with the new password.

Your userid and email are both case sensitive, so note how they are displayed on your profile page when requesting a new password.

Where do I find my online profile?

Click "Find a Speaker" in the menu at the top and search on your last name.

My address or phone numbers look funny

Use multiple lines for your address, like you would address an envelope.

Put each phone number on a separate line.

My name sorts in the wrong place.

Alphabetical sorts use your Last Name. No, you can't change your last name to AAAble just to get a better sort.

How do I edit the copy that shows up next to my picture in searches?

This is the Promo copy. This is for a short description of your business. It will appear in search results. Please limit to 35 words. The system will chop off anything over that! And the system counts punctuation as a word -- if it stands alone like the dash in this sentence.

The text in my listing is cut off mid-sentence.

Promo copy is limited to 35 words. See above.

How much copy can go in my profile?

So far, we haven't set a limit. This is your chance to do some marketing. Think of it as a nice online one-sheet or brochure where you can tout your business.

How do I show up in the Topic listing searches?

There’s a long list of topics or specialties that you can choose for listing in the database. These are the topic headings used to find you in the Topics Index search engine.

Under Topics, select one or more topics by holding down the Ctrl, Command, or Apple key as you click on the desired topic headings. The bar at the right edge of the topic list may be used the scroll through the list.

Can I change my password?

You can change your password. Enter a new password in the Password field, and type it again in the matching field. Leave these blank if you don't want to change your password.

It says my session has timed out.

The system stores your userid and password in a cookie on your computer so it's available as you move from page to page. If you change your password ... or wait too long ... the password no longer matches and you'll have to log in again.

How do I edit my designation (CSP, CPAE, etc.)?

You cannot edit your designation (CSP, CPAE, PhD, MBA, etc.) These should not be included in your name. If you've qualified for CSP or CPAE, please email the NSA-Arizona office so we can change the record.

How do I get the CSP or CPAE logos displayed with my listing?

If you've qualified for CSP or CPAE, please email the NSA-Arizona office so we can change the record. (See above question.)

How do I change my photograph?

Your photograph should be a 4x5 or 8x10 photograph. You may use a black and white photograph, but your color photograph will look great on our website! It should be scanned as an RGB photograph, jpg format.

While you're logged in at your login page, you'll notice the area at the bottom where you upload your photograph. Before you do your upload, be sure you've saved any changes to your profile in the upper portion of the page.

Easy example: Watch how to upload a photo for your profile: Video

How do I put an email address in my profile?

Your email address already appears at the top of your profile, next to your photograph.

If you need to put in a different email address for a special purpose, put it inside angle brackets, like this:

It will appear like this:, complete with a link that will work in the user's email program. Not only that, the email address will be scrambled in the underlying webpage code so it's less likely to be picked up by the spambots that constantly troll the internet looking for email addresses.

My profile looks funny. How do I fix it?

There are several secrets to editing your profile.

There must be a blank line between paragraphs. Otherwise, the system will assume you wanted them to run together. (If you really must have several paragraphs together, without a blank line between them, like you might for an address, put two blank spaces at the end of each line. That will signal the system not to combine them into a single paragraph.)

Don't start paragraphs with blank spaces or tabs. These trick the computer into messing up your page.

Don't use HTML code in your profile. The system will strip it out.

Paragraphs are running together

See previous question.

How do I italicize a book title?

If you need to italicize your book title, surround the title with an asterisk, like this:

Beth's book is *How To Succeed.*

That will appear like this: Beth's book is How To Succeed.

How do I create a bulleted list?

To create a bulleted list, begin each line with a hyphen and a space, like this:

- Bulleted item #1

- Bulleted item #2

That will appear like this:

  • Bulleted item #1

  • Bulleted item #2

How do I create a subhead?

To create a subheadline, begin the paragraph with ###. (No, don't end the line with anything special.) You will type something like this:

###This is a short headline

It will appear like this:

This is a short headline

This only looks good if you do it for occasional, short headlines.

Please use these forms of emphasis sparingly, because the appearance of your profile reflects on the whole organization. If it's abused, we'll have to turn the feature off for everyone.

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