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NSA-Arizona Announces the New Copper Microphone Award

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NSA-Arizona wants to say thank you and acknowledge the Arizona members who do the things that make NSA possible. We’re pleased to announce a new award, the “Copper Microphone,” an honor that is physically bestowed in the form of a unique lapel pin.

Doing what it takes to win the award will help members be better informed and gain a broader perspective of the NSA-Arizona Chapter. The “Copper Microphone Award” will be given to members who are active in the Chapter, show up, help others, and do the things necessary to take care of the club.

In order to earn a “Copper Microphone Award,” a member (Professional or Candidate) will receive points for activities identified below. Members can select from the various opportunities available and earn points to receive the award.

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Points may be earned in the following ways:

  • Attend a minimum of six Chapter meetings.
  • Bring a new visitor to a Chapter meeting.
  • Volunteer and actively serve on a Chapter committee.
  • Attend the Summer Social or the Holiday Party.
  • Introduce yourself to the Chapter President or Incoming Chapter President.
  • Attend at least six Speaker Lab sessions.
  • Bring a guest to at least four Speaker Lab sessions.
  • Attend at least three Living Room Forum Sessions.
  • Sponsor a Student Candidate.
  • Mentor One or Two Chapter Members.
  • Serve on the Chapter Board for one year.
  • Serve as a Chapter Committee Chair.
  • Attended NSA’s Influence ‘16, or attend NSA’s Winter Conference.

There are 41 points possible. To earn the “Copper Microphone Award,” a member must earn a minimum of 30 points. Click to download the worksheet.

The award period begins on July 1, 2016 and ends on June 30, 2017. The Chapter will provide a tally sheet for the members to keep a record of their activities. The sheet will be signed by the member and the member’s mentor (if mentoring is part of the member’s activities). Please submit your form as soon as it is completed to either Danny Valenzuela or to Gwen Henson. The information is subject to verification before the award is made.

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