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February 2017 News Flash

Welcome to the February 2017 issue of the NSA-Arizona News Flash!

President’s Message


“Technology is changing the world at a remarkable pace, understand and use it well… or be left in the dust.”

That is a quote from the home page of my speaker’s web site. The fact that it is a web site instead of a color brochure is proof of the concept. Web sites, Google, Social Media, YouTube, Twitter or just the Internet in general are all technology tools that are important to speakers that simply did not exist a few years ago; BC – Before Computer.

As speakers, our primary purpose is communication. You might argue that your purpose is actually to inform, inspire, change, educate or entertain. However, all of these still require us to be masters of communication. Much of the digital techno revolution is in fact a communication revolution. Look again at the technologies listed above. They are all, at heart, communication tools.

Our wonderful January speaker, Elizabeth Jefferies, talked with us about the importance of connecting emotionally with our audiences. She was the "heart" half of the "head heart" team that spoke at the meeting. Elizabeth urged us to examine our daily lives for stories and people that had an impact.

Every day, millions of people take to Facebook to communicate. Some people argue that Facebook is shallow - who cares about what you had for dinner – and it isolates people. On the contrary, it is the daily sharing of small intimate details that keeps us connected.

Our second speaker in January, Stephen Tweed, was the “head” part of the “head heart” team. He showed us how to develop product lines based on our speaking topics to increase revenue. Increasingly, these new revenue streams are technology and Internet based such as podcasts, video, virtual presentations (webinars), and video conferencing.

One of our NSA Arizona themes this year is to “Honor the past and create the future." The skills needed to be an effective, powerful speaker on stage are still vitally important. We honor that. On the other hand, the future will require us to understand and use technology.

Our chapter speaker in February is Roger Courville. He is considered the master of virtual presenting. This session will not be a 101-level class about how web conferencing works. If you have never used web conferencing as a presenter (sitting in the audience of a webinar doesn’t count!), Roger recommends that you:

  1. Sign up for a free trial of two services (Suggestions: GoToMeeting, Webex, Adobe Connect, AnyMeeting, ClickMeeting, or Omnovia).
  2. Invite a friend to join you for a few minutes. Do this twice (once each with a different platform).

Do your homework!

Dues: It is the nature of our world that costs keep going up. The board has made and continues to make every effort to control costs, but after seven years we have reached that inevitable juncture where a dues increase is needed to keep us financially viable.

If I was a real politician, I would blame the last administration and put it off until the next. However, I am afraid I will just have to take the blame and get it done this year.

The future is coming and it will be amazing!

Dr. Larry Emmott
NSA-Arizona President


February 11, 2017

Networking/Breakfast: 8 a.m. - 9 a.m.
Meeting: 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
NSA Conference Center, 1500 S. Priest Dr., Tempe, AZ
Click here for complete meeting details.

Did you know you can bring your spouse/partner/staff member at the member rate?

NSA members who are not chapter members, please feel welcome to join us at the member rate on your first visit.

No refunds after the early registration deadline. Please notify us if you have any special needs for the meeting.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER—Quit Calling ’em Webinars and a Dozen Other Strategies for Making More Money

with Roger Courville

Webinars, webcasts, virtual presentations. Whatever you call them, speakers have a big problem: Prospective buyers are as (or more!) confused about how to buy your virtual services as you are in selling them.

Here’s the good news: It’s not only possible to make money with webinars. You’re going to learn from the world’s first-ever speaker to make a million dollars doing it.

Presenting online - versus presenting in-person – brings its own set of challenges and opportunities. You don’t have to fret about getting to the airport early, but it helps to learn new tricks about how to engage your audience… when you’re not in the same room.

Come prepared with questions and concerns. Roger will design his interactive program to specifically address your needs. What are your concerns? What is keeping you from making more money with virtual presentations?

Attend this event to learn:

  • The unspoken objection you will ALWAYS face and how to overcome it
  • 2 things that must change in your contracts (if you want more money, that is)
  • The single greatest key to messaging that will differentiate your offer 3 ways to make more revenue per client
  • The difference between webinars, webcasts, virtual classrooms, and hybrid events
  • When you should – and shouldn’t – consider virtual presentations for client engagements

IMPORTANT: This session is not a 101-level class about how web conferencing works. If you have never used web conferencing as a presenter (sitting in the audience of a webinar doesn’t count!), it is recommended you:

  1. Sign up for a free trial of two services (Suggestions: GoToMeeting, Webex, Adobe Connect, AnyMeeting, ClickMeeting, or Omnovia).
  2. Invite a friend to join you for a few minutes. Twice (once each with a different platform).

Join Roger Courville, CSP, Chief Content Officer at and author of The Virtual Presenter’s Playbook. Jumpstart your success when pricing, packaging, and positioning the virtual part of your business for maximum monetary impact.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER—5 Things You Need to Know to Give a TED Talk

With Doug Stevenson, CSP

TED talks have become a bridge to stardom for many people. However, there is a misconception about what makes a great TED talk and how people are chosen to speak at a TED or TEDx conference. Doug Stevenson is a TEDx speaker and speakers coach. In this session, you’ll learn things about TED that you need to know to get chosen to be a TED or TEDx speaker.

Doug Stevenson is the creator of The Story Theater Method for strategic storytelling in business. A former actor, now professional keynote speaker, trainer and speaker’s coach, Doug has been a member of NSA for over 21 years. He's the author of Doug Stevenson’s Story Theater Method, The How to Write and Deliver a Dynamite Speech System, and The Next Level Storytelling Video eLearning Series. Blending his acting experience with his experience on the keynote platform, he brings a unique perspective to speaking and storytelling. Doug helps presenters of all kinds use strategically chosen and crafted stories to make their content more entertaining, persuasive, and memorable.

Chair Monthly Meeting Program Dr. Larry Emmott

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Copper Microphone Award

img_8845-1_1NSA-Arizona has created a new award, the “Copper Microphone,” an honor that is physically bestowed in the form of a unique lapel pin. The “Copper Microphone Award” will be given to members who are active in the Chapter, show up, help others, and do the things necessary to take care of the club.

In order to earn a “Copper Microphone Award,” a member (Professional or Candidate) will receive points for 13 activities identified on the website. Members can select from the various opportunities available and earn the 30 points needed to receive the award.

The award period begins on July 1, 2016 and ends on June 30, 2017. You can learn more about it, watch a video, and download the worksheet here. Please submit your form as soon as it is completed to either Danny Valenzuela or to Gwen Henson so you can be one of those who receive this award.

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LIVING ROOM FORUM: Outsmart Your Brain When Emotions Take the Wheel: Staying confident when speaking, coaching, and working with clients

Date: Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Time: 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Topic: Outsmart Your Brain When Emotions Take the Wheel: Staying confident when speaking, coaching, and working with clients
Facilitator: Dr. Marcia Reynolds, CSP
Venue: Phoenix

You can either be the master of your brain or a victim of your emotional reactions. Your brain can get the best of you when you are under pressure, annoyed, or too attached to succeeding. This forum will help you outsmart your brain so you can ease your tension, handle hecklers, and help everyone you are with succeed.

  • Understand your emotional triggers and remove their power
  • Apply an Advanced Reframing Process to achieve your optimal productive state
  • Achieve "Clean Slate Clarity" to rise above judgments, see beyond frustrations, and uncover hidden possibilities

This session will be interactive, giving you techniques you can apply the next time you think you are thrown off guard!

Dr. Marcia Reynolds, CSP is the expert organizations call on to breathe life into their connections, conversations, and cultures. In the past 30 years, she has spoken in 35 countries and reached over 100K people worldwide. She is the author of 3 books including The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations into Breakthroughs. She's also a past global president of the International Coach Federation and the Association for Coach Training Organizations. Backed by her doctorate in Organization Psychology, she continues to explore the latest research in transformational leadership. Her research helps startup and established Fortune 500 firms prosper in today's chaotic, unpredictable world.

Cost: $15 members $25 guests
Registration and payment required by Monday, February 20th; no refunds.
Light dinner served; seating limited; no refunds.
RSVP or call 480-968-7443

BRAVO Corner

Congratulations to Lisa Maurer for transitioning from Candidate to Professional member of NSA and NSA-Arizona! Good job!

Let fellow NSA-Arizona members know about your achievements. Email Linda-Ann Stewart at to be included in Bravo Corner.

Congratulations to Diana Hoyt!
January NSA-Arizona meeting attendee Diana Hoyt won a FREE future meeting by submitting a program evaluation. Hand yours in at the next meeting to participate in this monthly drawing.

Congratulations to NSA-Arizona’s Newest

Joe Buzzello
Lisa Maurer

SPEAKER LAB – Resolutions

Reason to be at the Speakers’ Lab #17

Resolution- a firm decision to do or not to do something.

"Great speakers constantly work on ways to improve their performances. Speakers like Harvey Mackay, a very successful celebrity business speaker, continually hire speech and drama coaches." - Dottie Walters

What is your resolution? Have you set your resolve for the coming year? NSA-Arizona provides an amazing opportunity for you to “constantly work on ways to improve your performances.” Seize your opportunity to not only resolve to level-up your platform skills, but to take an active step to join us at Speakers’ Lab!

Interested in more? Come join us at Speakers Lab!

No RSVP is required to attend. We meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 9:30-11:45 A.M. at NSA headquarters. However, to speak at the Lab, you must be a chapter member in good standing.

We ask that you attend as a participant twice, before you sign up for time to speak. In a normal meeting, we have three 30-minute slots. Speakers can use the time to receive feedback and tips for a specific purpose, like trying out new material or trying a new form of speaking.

To claim your spot, contact Natalie Sayer at Please put “Speakers Lab” in the subject line.

Upcoming Guest Enrichers

2/14 Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE, CSPGlobal
2/28 Natalie Sayer
3/14 Larry Emmott
3/28 Stephanie Angelo
4/11 MGM aka Maureen G. Mulvaney, CSP
4/25 Michelle May, CSP

“Speakers Lab is one of the greatest features provided by NSA-Arizona. It is designed to be a safe place to not only practice and hone speaking skills, the feedback given by NSA members is extremely valuable and well worth the price of membership. I highly recommend Speakers Lab to anyone serious about advancing their speaking career.” —Rita Hudgens, August 9, 2016

NSA Speaker Lab Leadership Team: Rick Olson, Debra Exner, Becky Spohn, Antonio Valles, Natalie Sayer, Liz Recchia.


2017 Winter Conference: February 24-27 – San Francisco, CA
2017 Video Lab: April 21-23 – Tempe, AZ
2017 NSA Convention: July 8-11 – Lake Buena Vista, FL

For details, go to the NSA website at


Editor’s Note: This feature reminds you to take advantage of our fabulous lending library of NSA Convention recordings.

By Richard Victor

As you know, the 2016 convention recordings are now available, and there is a new service provider this year as well. Please make note of the web address: Click "Log In", and enter the user ID and password (contact me to receive them). Most items are mp3 audio only, with a few mp4 videos. The new provider does not have the audio/visual sync that was available in the 2015 sessions.

So what do we have to look forward to? Here are a few titles:

  • "Good Enough for Guv'ment Work" by Chip Lutz. Chip explains how to get government contracts.
  • "How to Fill Your Calendar with Self-Promoted Events" by Darryl Davis. Fill up those unbooked days with Darryl's system, selling from the stage, and best tech products.
  • "The 1:8 Rule" by Daniel Lemin. Need more content for your various social media platforms? You already have it! Every presentation can become eight individual content items.
  • "Dive Deep Into Dollars" by Scott Stratten. Scott made a million dollars last year in speaking fees, just in keynoting. This 2-part session will tell you how he does it.
  • "Pitches and Packages for Profit" by Sean Roach. Package your expertise and offer it from the platform without rattling the meeting planner.
  • "Play Your Way to Better Pay" by Scott Crabtree. What makes video games so addictive? Interaction! Find out what the top game designers do, then bring these techniques to your talk.
  • "Growing Your Single Speaker Practice to a Multiple Speaker Business" by Margaret Fitzgerald. No need to limit your business because there's only one of you. Learn the benefits and pitfalls about one product that many speakers can present.
  • "Insight from the Million-Dollar Speakers Group" by Ford Saeks. This is the big-time, exclusive for NSA members with $1 million or more annual revenue. Hear from the best of the best.

And that's just the start of it. Send me a message and I'll send you the download instruction. Happy learning!

Richard is NSA-Arizona’s librarian who accepts donations of books, tapes, magazines, CDs, and videos of interest to speakers. Contact Richard for instructions to download recent NSA Convention sessions.


By Barbara McNichol

Do you ever confuse this word pair? Now you know the difference so you won't get tripped up!

Convince, persuade – You “convince” someone of an idea but “persuade” someone to take action. Therefore, it's correct to say, “He convinced me it would taste good” but incorrect to say, “He convinced me to taste it.” Instead, say, “He persuaded me to taste it.”

Like to receive Word Tripper of the Week in your inbox? Contact Barbara at Barbara edits nonfiction articles and book. Visit her website at

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