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January 2019 News Flash

Welcome to the January 2019 issue of the NSA-Arizona News Flash!

President’s Message—2019 is here with “Unlimited Possibilities” for our business and personal lives

Can you believe 2019 is here with “Unlimited Possibilities” for our business and personal lives? I want to welcome everyone into a year of growth and transformation. Every January, I have a tradition. I spend time in this month reflecting on the past year. I write out any new trainings I have attended, new responsibilities I took on, new friendships I created, large tasks I started and finished, and any significant changes or growth I accomplished. As I work on the current year, I review past years. This offers me lots of insights and helps me to see all the incredible things I accomplished for the year and past years.

I encourage you to review your business intentions for the year. And to also look at personal goals and aspects of your personal life that you would like to grow and expand upon. I know, for me, taking on the presidency of NSA-Arizona has helped me to grow professionally and personally. I also look for ways each year to create closer bonds with family and friends. For me, that can look like a set time each week contacting friends and family. Or it can mean I'm more mindful with weekly events with friends to strengthen relationships.

I encourage you to utilize your accountability partnership to complete those goals/intentions that you set in the summer or fall for the year. What action needs to be taken in the upcoming months to see your ideas manifest?

We have a great year of valuable content planned. Our exciting candidate program is ongoing and the board is working on lots of ideas to make this year even better than the last. Wishing you a bountiful year of prosperity and community, I look forward to seeing you at the January meeting.

Noelle Stanley
NSA-Arizona President


January 12, 2019
Networking/Breakfast: 8 a.m. - 9 a.m.
Meeting: 9 a.m-12:30 p.m.
NSA Conference Center, 1500 S. Priest Dr., Tempe, AZ
Click here for complete meeting details

Did you know you can bring your spouse/partner/staff member at the member rate?

NSA members who are not chapter members, please feel welcome to join us at the member rate on your first visit.

No refunds after the early registration deadline.

Please notify us if you have any special needs for the meeting.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER—Power Presentations: From Penpoint to Platform with Mark Brown

So you need to write a new speech and you ask, “Where do I begin? What will I talk about? Where will I find appropriate stories? How will I find the most descriptive words? How will I look on the platform?” Mark Brown shares the techniques that have helped him answer these and other questions successfully for 20 years.

In the Power Presentations program, you will learn these valuable tips:

  • Where to find/great/speech material
  • Amazing openings for your presentation
  • The IRIE technique for impromptu speaking
  • How to engage and connect with your audience
  • How to conduct a kickin' Q & A session


Speaking in 3D: Make Your Stories Come Alive

Transform your speech from a 1-dimensional presentation into a 3-dimensional experience for your audience. In this program, World Champion of Public Speaking Mark Brown reveals the tips, tools and techniques that will help wow your audience.

In the SPEAKING IN 3D presentation, you will discover these helpful techniques:

  • How to use/powerful/descriptors
  • How to apply Verbal Visuals
  • The power of the personal story
  • The importance of characters and dialogue

Mark Brown is an expert at helping people overcome their fears to reach their maximum potential. He focuses on helping humans EXCEL in the areas of Performance, Leadership, Communication, and Life. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Mark migrated to the United States at 18 with only $40 in his pocket and a dream for a better life. In 1995, Mark won the illustrious Toastmasters International World Championship of Public Speaking. Today he is one of the most popular inspirational speakers in the world.

Chair Monthly Meeting Program Stephanie Angelo

Please Pre-pay for Meeting Attendance
To streamline check-in at our monthly meetings, please prepay for your meeting attendance. Members and guests SAVE $10 when they prepay by 5 p.m. on the Wednesday before the Saturday meeting.

Register Now
Prepaid Registration (by Wed., January 9 at 5 p.m.): $37/members; $52/guests
Registration (after Wed., January 9 at 5 p.m.): $47/members, $62/guests.
Members, did you know you can bring your spouse/partner/staff member at the member rate?

No refunds after the early registration deadline.
Please notify us if you require any special needs for the meeting.


We're kicking off 2019 with our January Session of Candidate Program. The January session will cover the topic of Business Design and focus on the creating the structure of your business. Are you a speaker who consults? Are you a consultant who speaks? Are you looking to design an online business? This interactive session will help you figure out the best way to structure your business for maximum efficiency.

January's Candidate Session will be led by globally recognized project management expert, Belinda Goodrich. She is the founder and CEO of The Goodrich Institute and PM Learning Solutions, a speaker trainer and author.

Join us January 12, from 12:15-1:30 p.m. immediately after the regular chapter meeting.

You must be a Candidate member and attend the regular chapter meeting in order to attend the Candidate Program monthly training.

GAP Facilitator: Dr. Karen Jacobson. For more information send email.

Thanks to Our Meeting Sponsor—Joel Weldon's Ultimate Speaking System

Just supposing you had 45 years of speaking experience, had been paid to speak 3,000+ times and you could pass along everything you have learned, in an easy-to-use system, how much could that be worth? That's exactly what the ULTIMATE SPEAKING SYSTEM is. It's used by speakers earning $50,000 a talk, to beginning speakers getting paid $500 a talk and can be used by speakers who haven't even been paid yet. Plus it's GUARANTEED!

Visit or Joel Weldon at 480-948-5633

Sponsorship opportunities are now open for January through June! Visit this page to learn more.

Sponsors help us to bring you fantastic speakers. Please thank them by showing your support. View our Sponsor Directory.

Send your recommendations for sponsors Randy Goruk or Gwen Henson.

LIVING ROOM FORUM: Maintaining Physical and Mental Health On and Off the Platform

Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Time: 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Topic: Maintaining Physical and Mental Health On and Off the Platform
Format: Discussion
Facilitator: Chrissy Barth and Michele Redmond
Venue: Home of Michele Redmond

According to the Global Business Travel Association and American Express, Americans took more than 500 million domestic business trips in 2016. Business travel is necessary, but it also takes us out of our normal, every-day routines. This can lead to unhealthy and possibly dangerous lifestyle choices. Stress, sleep interruptions, unhealthy eating and drinking, and lack of exercise are common side effects of being on the road. Over the long-term, these issues can add up to chronic disease risks.

Chrissy Barth will offer you real-life strategies for improving physical and mental performance. She'll show you how to have more energy while reducing the health risks associated with the demands of being an entrepreneur and professional speaker. This presentation will give you tips to help you stay healthy.

  • You'll walk away with your own Wheel of Life Plan for 2019.
  • You'll discover the gut-brain connection and how it impacts your overall health and performance.
  • You'll receive travel tips and strategies for optimal health including nutrition-on-the-go.
  • You'll learn mindfulness-based practices.
  • You'll take away tools to manage jet lag and getting a good night's sleep virtually anywhere.

Michele Redmond will showcase her culinary talents to accommodate a variety of eating preferences. Dishes will include some ingredients mentioned during Chrissy's talk. Note that while gluten-free options are available, Michele's kitchen is home to weekly baked sourdough bread, so happy yeasty beasties are everywhere.

Chrissy Barth, MS, RDN, RYT is an award-winning registered dietitian-nutritionist and veggie lover. As an integrative and functional sports and performance nutrition coach, she helps on-the-go professionals stay energized, healthy, and sane. Chrissy also serves as a nutrition consultant to sports teams, spas, behavioral health programs, medical and training facilities, corporations, and local and national media outlets. As an educator, Chrissy is a Lecturer at Arizona State University (Go Devils!) where she teaches sports nutrition, complementary health care, human nutrition and entrepreneurship and serves as a mentor to many aspiring future dietitians.

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." —Abraham Lincoln

Michele Redmond, MS, RDN, FAND is a French-trained Chef and Food Enjoyment Activist on a mission to help Americans connect health to the pleasure of eating. She teaches, speaks and writes on the topics of taste literacy, culinary nutrition and creating a more positive food culture. Michele directs The Taste Workshop which provides nutrition communication services, consulting and education events nationally and internationally to culinary venues, corporations and nutrition-health organizations.

Cost: $15 members $25 guests
Registration and payment required by Monday, January 21; no refunds.
Light dinner served; seating limited; no refunds.
RSVP or call 480-968-7443

Congratulations to NSA-Arizona’s Newest


Doreen Herman


Roseann Higgins
Jake White
April Smail
Phillip Dill


Volunteering gives you the chance to get to know your fellow NSA-Arizona members, and allows them to know you. Our volunteers help our chapter to put together and bring you wonderful programs that further your speaking career. There are many opportunities to join in and sustain our growth, and we invite you to participate.

Needed: People to help set up breakfast before the meeting.

BRAVO Corner

Congratulations to Doreen Herman, former candidate, who achieved professional status. Good job!

Let fellow NSA-Arizona members know about your achievements. Email Linda-Ann Stewart to be included in Bravo Corner.

Congratulations to Maria Church
November NSA-Arizona meeting attendee Maria Church won a FREE future meeting by submitting a program evaluation. Hand yours in at the next meeting to participate in this monthly drawing.

SPEAKERS LAB—Reason to be at Speakers Lab #34

Progress—Onward movement toward a destination

“Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.” —Khalil Gibran

It is surprising how often we set about making small changes to our work and miss the opportunity to take it in a new and promising direction. One of the values I have seen in Speakers' Lab is that sudden insight that arrives when trying out material in a supportive environment. The process in Speakers' Lab includes asking each speaker what his or her goals are for that practice session. Skilled evaluators then provide feedback that is related to those goals. We include feedback guidelines not just for the evaluators but also for the speakers. This is just part of the supportive, constructive, and relevant advice that is provided through Speakers' Lab.

Is there an area of your speaking or your speaking business that would benefit from some feedback? Come join us at Speakers’ Lab and experience the valuable feedback and encouragement to help you improve in any area of the speaking business.

No RSVP is required to attend. We meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 9:30-11:45 a.m. at NSA headquarters. However, to speak at the Lab, you must be a chapter member in good standing.

We ask that you attend as a participant twice, before you sign up for time to speak.

In a normal meeting, we have three 30-minute slots. Speakers can use the time to receive feedback and tips for a specific purpose, like trying out new material or a new form of speaking.

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” —Michael John Bobak

To claim your spot, contact Natalie Sayer. Please put “Speakers Lab” in the subject line.

Upcoming Guest Enrichers (subject to change)
January 8, 2019—Stephanie Angelo
January 22, 2019—Joe Contrera
February 12, 2019—Roger Rickard

“Speakers Lab is one of the greatest features provided by NSA-Arizona. It is designed to be a safe place to not only practice and hone speaking skills, the feedback given by NSA members is extremely valuable and well worth the price of membership. I highly recommend Speakers Lab to anyone serious about advancing their speaking career.” Rita Hudgens

NSA-Arizona Speaker Lab Leadership Team: Michael Haley, Debra Exner, Natalie Sayer, Antonio Valles.


2019 Winter Conference: February 15-17—Renaissance Orlando at Sea World
2019 Behind the Scenes: Video Intensive, April 12-14—Renaissance Atlanta Midtown, Atlanta, GA
2019 Influence: July 27-30—Gaylord Rockies, Denver, CO

For details, go to the NSA website at


Editor’s Note: This feature reminds you to take advantage of our fabulous lending library of NSA Convention recordings.

By Richard Victor, Chapter Librarian

A couple of months ago, Neil Dempster was so kind as to make a substantial donation to our chapter's lending library. It included the complete collection of the 2006 National Convention recorded breakout sessions. I found an irresistible title, "Leaving a Lasting Legacy" by Glenna Salsbury. How could I resist? So I popped the disk into the CD-ROM tray of my laptop, put on my headphones, and took a few notes.

According to Glenna, leaving a lasting legacy is "That moment when you take your audience to an emotional, intellectual, or spiritual place they've never been before." The way to do that is to become more aware of our core message. When we get into a routine, becoming so familiar with our material, we may become a zombie on the platform instead of connecting with people.

So how do we become better aware of our core message? Glenna says, "When you hear a truth, and it resonates with you, it's probably something you alone have been designed to communicate with others." How has an event changed your life? How are you different because of it? Who has influenced you? Do you talk about these events or people from the platform?

I had to think about these questions in my role as a retirement enrollment education specialist. I represent some of the major firms, and I bring their PowerPoint presentation with me to do a prepared event. While I do share an illustrative story, Glenna reminded me I can also share stories from hundreds of conversations I've had with plan participants. These range from, "Now, I'm a millionaire" to "I just don't want to be working when I'm 70."

Then Glenna asked, "If you could only write your core message on a T-shirt that would let people know what you're about, what would it be?" For some, it might be "Be you," or "Faith works." I might want my T-shirt to say, "You can handle this." Also ask yourself, what is funny or bizarre? What are your hobbies? Can you bring that to the stage?

Well, yes, I can. I'm a huge sci-fi fan, and I relate retirement planning to a scene from Star Trek. I told an audience that my savings account earns 1/100th of 1 percent interest, and thanks to the Rule of 72, I will double my money in a mere 7,200 years! (That gets a big laugh.)

So Glenna taught me that I am already doing some of the things that create my own lasting legacy. Now I can apply these ideas more purposefully.

Richard is NSA-Arizona’s librarian who accepts donations of books, tapes, magazines, CDs, and videos of interest to speakers. Members can contact Richard for instructions to download recent NSA Convention sessions.


By Barbara McNichol

Do you ever confuse this word pair? Now you know the difference so you won't get tripped up!

Extensive, extended – “Extensive” means to a great degree, covering a great area, of great magnitude. “Extended” means stretched, prolonged, lengthened (at times used as a synonym for extensive). “The couple’s extensive European travels required extended credit to cover several unanticipated expenses.”

The creator of Word Trippers Tips writing resource, Barbara edits nonfiction books and articles for NSA members. You can contact Barbara here.


By Dan Shinder

Moving Forward and Upward

It’s the New Year! Now what? I hear over and over, “This year’s going to be better!” I ask, “How?” and typically get answers that are everything they already did last year.

Chances are more revenue is always possible and preferred, right? Eighty percent of the time, I see that businesses/entrepreneurs are still in seedling-to-sapling status with their social media/digital marketing. They haven’t embraced it enough to grow this new big beautiful tree.

Effective social media and digital marketing will help grow your brand, but it’s much more than that. You need to create trust and brand love amongst more people in your target market, while maintaining it with your current clients/following.

Use the “Five To Keep Your Brand Alive” to get better results:

  1. Stay present
  2. Stay relevant
  3. Be helpful to others
  4. Be inclusive
  5. Be seen as an expert in your field

If you are not achieving all five, you are missing out BIG TIME! Include these to build more trust brand love as part of launching a strong New Year!

Dan Shinder teaches social media marketing to entrepreneurs and corporations and is NSA-Arizona's own social media marketer. Visit his website Social Media on Steroids.


Where do you live now?

Mesa, Arizona

Where are you originally from?

Whiting, Indiana. Many of you might remember Phil Smidt's Restaurant in Whiting famous for its frog legs and boned and buttered perch. The restaurant was the place to go for Chicago business travelers.

Do you share your home with pets or family?

My husband and I shared our home this past summer with my daughter and son-in-law and our two wonderful grandkids while their home was being remodeled. We shared our home with my daughter's dog, Jackson who lived with us for many years. He died this past year at the tender age of 13. He was a joy to everyone around him.

Do you have any hobbies, travels, volunteer work, or other interesting things to share? I'm starting to get back into golf after injuring my elbow. Traveling to Sedona and to Carlsbad, California is always in our family's bag of tricks. I volunteer my speaking services to girls who have been trafficked and abused as well as families in transitional housing.

What is your speaking specialty?

The importance of self-worth for girls and women; the ROI of Self Worth for companies

What kind of work did you do before you started speaking?

I own a promotional products company which I have had for 30 years and is still going strong after all these years!

Are you still doing that or other work in addition to speaking?

Yes I am doing that work full time. The holidays were crazy busy for me but I didn't mind. It's nice to have loyal happy clients.

When did you start speaking? When did you join NSA-Arizona?

As long as I can remember, but not for pay, mostly volunteer and board positions. I joined NSA-Arizona a few years ago when I learned about the organization from members of Meeting Professionals International.

How have you volunteered for our chapter?

Currently Chrissy Barth and I Co-Chair the Living Room Forum.

For you, what is the best advantage of NSA-Arizona membership?

The quality of the speakers and camaraderie of the membership. You can't find a more friendly, helpful group of people.

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