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Please support our meeting sponsor—Sun Studios of Arizona

Sun-Studio-Logo-Sun Studios of Arizona is the one-stop-place for creative production space! Our 23,000 square foot facility offers an array of possibilities for any business, film, audio, or commercial project.

Our audio suite produces only the best quality of sound through an AWS 924 SSL Workstation. Five isolation rooms make this suite an ideal match for collaborative projects, while our Yamaha G1 Series baby grand piano, extensive mic locker, and drum kit tie the knot.

A glowing marquee lights the entrance to our Auditorium that comprises 150 seats with room for additions. A theater style DLP HD digital projection and surround sound system only enhance the aptitude of our Auditorium.

Sun Studios also houses two large stages; Studio One is equipped with a Broadcast Control Room that allows for live audio streaming, and Studio Two offers a virtual world with its Two Wall Cyclorama Green Screen and Motion Capturing System. Come join us at Sun Studios of Arizona. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll get it!

Contact Darrin Ramage at 480.565.7040

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Cavett Robert

"As speakers, we never fight over the size of our slice of the pie, we build a bigger pie."
-Cavett Robert, NSA Founder