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After 45 years as a full-time professional Hall of Fame speaker and having personally coached and critiqued over 10,000 speakers, Joel answers that question, a great speaker gets the audience TO TAKE ACTION!

That's it! When you speak, what will the audience DO? Or THINK? Or FEEL, as a result of your message. If you accept that premise, here are the three things you can to do to become an even better speaker… "a great speaker"!

  1. Speak to your audience about what they need, customized to them at that time.
  2. Present your message with such clarity and impact that it is impossible to be misunderstood.
  3. Get yourself out of the way. It's not about you, it's all about your audience.

This is the objective of the ULTIMATE SPEAKING SYSTEM, check it out at or call Joel Weldon at 480-948-5633 to get your 50% NSA discount.

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Cavett Robert

"As speakers, we never fight over the size of our slice of the pie, we build a bigger pie."
-Cavett Robert, NSA Founder