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About NSA-Arizona, NSA, and Toastmasters

What is the difference between the National Speakers Association (NSA) and NSA-Arizona?

NSA provides resources and education to advance the skills, integrity and value of its members and the speaking profession. Member education is accomplished through conventions, labs and workshops that are held periodically in various locations around the U.S. and other countries. Specific requirements must be met to qualify for NSA membership. For more information, visit Qualifications.

NSA-Arizona is a local chapter of the National Speakers Association. It provides monthly educational opportunities for speakers who are NSA members, and for speakers who have not yet qualified for NSA membership. Special educational opportunities are also made available to these “emerging speakers” through the NSA-Arizona Candidate Program.

NSA-Arizona also sponsors Speakers Lab, which meets at NSA Headquarters in Tempe the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. This lab gives NSA-Arizona members and Candidates the opportunity to try out new speech titles, new content segments, or new introductions, and receive feedback from experienced speakers. For more information, click Lab.

What is the difference between NSA and Toastmasters?

NSA and Toastmasters are two completely different organizations with different missions. Toastmasters is attended by people who would like to improve their presentation and platform skills. NSA is for people who want to be Professional Speakers for a living. The educational opportunities the National Speakers Association (NSA) provides to its members focus on Professional Competencies that are directly related to the business aspects of professional speaking. For more information about these competencies, click Competencies.

About Membership

What are the membership options for NSA-Arizona?

There are three options for becoming part of NSA-Arizona:

  • Professional Membership: To qualify for Professional NSA-Arizona membership, you must first become an NSA (National) member. To view the qualifications for NSA membership, visit NSA Application.
  • Candidates: Speakers who have not yet qualified for NSA membership. Many participate in the NSA-Arizona Candidate Program to enhance their knowledge of the business of speaking. For more information on the Candidate program, click here.
  • Affiliate Supplier: This is a special class of membership for individuals who provide materials, promotional pieces or services to professional speakers.

About Email and the On-Line Newsletter

How do I open the email e-zine for reading the web version?

Go to the line in the members e-mail message that gives our web address and double click on it. That should (if the fates are with us!) put you right through to the online NSA-Arizona newsletter. If you are at the Home Page, click on to "News." That should take you to the current month's Newsletter.

What do I do if the "click through" doesn't work?

All is not lost. Sometimes links break, just like sometimes your car won't start. In most cases, you have an alternate way to get what you want. Just link to the internet the way you usually do, go to, click on News, then click to access the chapter news for the current month.

How do I register for the NSA-Arizona meeting?

Choose from three ways to register!

  1. Register online from this website. Click here.
  2. Send an email to and insert the required information in your email program, then click SEND. If your credit card number is on file with NSA-Arizona, that’s all there is to it! If not, call the office and give Gwen the information so you can make registering for your next meeting easier.
  3. Call the office at 480-968-7443.

How do I print selected articles?

Click Printable View at the bottom of each article. That will open a window with the article formatted to print nicely. Then click the Print Page button under the header at the top of that page.

How do I get in the E-news? How do I contribute articles, tips, or items?

Oh, that one’s easy. If you can send an email, you can join the print party. Just email the editor. Or you can create your article or news story as an MS Word document and send it as an attachment to your email. In any case, please write! This is YOUR newsletter, and we want it to reflect our members’ concerns, interests, and successes. Here’s how to direct your mail to the newsletter editor for New & Notes items, Speakers’ Tips and Techno Tips, articles and news stories:

Where do the photos come from that I see on the website and in social media?

Our executive director takes many of the photos, and members contribute them, too. We find that speakers are ready with a smile and make great photography subjects. Just so you're aware, registration and attendance at, or participation in NSA-Arizona events constitutes an agreement by the registrant to NSA-Arizona's use and distribution (both now and in the future) of the registrant or attendee's image or voice in photographs, videotapes, electronic reproductions, and audiotapes.

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