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    • 22 Jul 2024
    • 30 Sep 2024
    • 10 sessions
    • Virtual via Zoom

    NSA-Arizona Projects Lab

    Project Lab 

    What is it? A casual, virtual co-working support space

    Why do it?

    • Bursts of focused work with breaks promote productivity and reduce stress.
    • Focus intently on a project, content development, marketing, pitching, operational or administrative processes etc.
    • It’s an opportunity to ask for feedback, share resources and support each other’s work
    • During the highly productive segments, you’re muted with your video on or off

    How long is it? 2 hours, once weekly

    When is it? Monday from 12:00 p.m. -2:00 p.m. (excluding holidays)

    • Project lab may be expanded to an additional day and time if Monday participation merits expansion

    Project Lab Flow:

    Start at 12:00 p.m.

    • Welcome new participants to introduce themselves
    • Each person shares their project, challenge or goal for the lab time

    Facilitator schedules a 50-minute work session

    • Take a break and share progress, ask any questions, share any related resources
    • A 40–50-minute work session is scheduled
    • Topics or conversations that require more time can continue via the chat or participants can stay on zoom after the scheduled end time and continue supporting each other

    The regular host is Michele Redmond, with co-host Shevon Quijano.

    By registering for this event, you are giving permission for NSA-Arizona to add your contact information to our email list and to use any photographs (screenshots) that are taken at the event containing your likeness for as long as NSA-Arizona deems appropriate and desirable.

    • 12 Sep 2024
    • 12 Dec 2024
    • 7 sessions
    • MAC6, 1430 W. Broadway Road, Tempe, AZ 85282

    Speaker Studio

    We ask presenters what their purpose is and what kind of feedback they want or need. We provide feedback in a structured environment that includes guidelines both for evaluators and for speakers. This helps to provide supportive, constructive, and useful advice.

    Is there an area of your speaking that would benefit from some feedback? Come join us at Speaker Studio and experience the valuable feedback and encouragement to help you improve in any area of your content development or presentation skills.

    Speaker Studio usually meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month (July & August off, only the first Thursday in December 2024) from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. at MAC6 in Tempe. 

    You may attend these sessions as a Guest. However, if you wish to present, you must be a Chapter member in good standing.

    In a regular meeting, we fit in as many speaking slots as possible. The maximum time allocated is 20 minutes but many are less based on what the speaker is trying to accomplishwe usually have time for four 20-minute slots – 10 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for feedback. Speakers can use the time to receive feedback and tips for a specific purpose, like trying out new material or a new form of speaking.

    Jim and I attended the last session and it was amazing!! Don is GREAT at leading this...and the privilege of having some platform time with constructive feedback is priceless!! Don't miss this. We will both be at as many as possible!— Naomi Rhode


    To request a practice session slot, please contact Brenda Smull at bsmull@me.com or 480-968-7443, by no later than the Friday preceding an upcoming Speaker Studio meeting. 

    There may be more participants wanting to present at a specific practice session than time can accommodate. Requests will be approved on the following priority basis:

    A.     New Studio participant (following at least two observation sessions)

    B.     New Studio participant follow-up practice session

    C.     Participants not presenting in the most recent four Studio sessions

    D.    NSA-Az members requesting feedback on specific presentation elements

    E.      All other requests.

    Special circumstances will be taken into account when scheduling practice sessions.


    Don Thoren has contributed many documents – articles, emails, etc. – over the past several years as teaching aides. These documents are contained in  this file (click to access).

    The documents have been organized into four sections:  A) Annotated Table of Contents; B) Speaker Studio Feedback Forms; C) Speech/Presentation Preparation; and D) Business Development.  Please access and apply any of the content that is relevant to your learning and work.  Also, please feel free to submit your own documents and articles that may be helpful to other Speaker Studio participants.



    PRACTICE PRESENTING TO A LIVE & SAFE AUDIENCE – Receive valuable personal coaching from Guest Enrichers as well as other mentors and speakers.

    JUST OBSERVE THE PRESENTERS - Your speaking and writing skills improvement will accelerate 10-fold.

    Questions or suggestions? Feel free to contact Brenda Smull via email or phone at 480-968-7443

    LOCATION: MAC6, 1430 W. Broadway Road, Tempe, AZ 85282

    All Speaker Studio sessions will be held on the second floor training room EXCEPT Thursday, October 24, 2024, which will be held in the Privacy+Board Room.

    By attending this event, you are giving permission for NSA-Arizona to add your contact information to our email list and to use any photographs (or screenshots) that are taken at the event containing your likeness for as long as NSA-Arizona deems appropriate and desirable.

Past events

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22 Apr 2023 New Member Orientation
8 Apr 2023 April Program Meeting: Building a Million-Dollar Speaking Business
27 Mar 2023 Speaker Showcase Audition
11 Mar 2023 March Program Meeting: Marketing With A Book For Speakers
28 Feb 2023 Virtual Networking Night and Silly Trivia Extravaganza
25 Feb 2023 New Member Orientation
11 Feb 2023 February Program Meeting: Where Your Speaking Passion Can Lead
26 Jan 2023 Own the Room: Speaker's Academy
14 Jan 2023 January Program Meeting: Advantage Play™: The Art of Knowing What Comes Next


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