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Speaker YOU - Speakers Studio

  • 22 Sep 2022
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Ability360, 5025 E. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034


Speaker YOU - Speakers Studio



PRACTICE PRESENTING TO A LIVE & SAFE AUDIENCE – Receive valuable personal coaching from Don Thoren CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame as well as all other speakers when you:

  • Create a new or highly revised presentation
  • Want to double check the effectiveness of a presentation segment
  • Revise an opening, key vignette, major point or closing
  • Want valuable recommendations for content and resource ideas
  • Test a new or revised signature story with a live (and safe) audience
  • Want to identify new potential audience(s) for your message
  • Would benefit from other speaker’s opinions about audience demand for a new topic
  • If your new vignette is a bomb, best discover it with friends vs. a paying audience!

JUST OBSERVE THE PRESENTERS - Your speaking and writing skills improvement will accelerate 10-fold by:

  • Watch, analyze, and learn from how other speakers craft and deliver their message
  • Learn vicariously from the feedback others receive from their presentations
  • Hearing Don Thoren’s personalized enrichment suggestions for each speaker. You will find that some may apply to you so you will save time and effort
  • Realizing that vicarious learning is much less expensive, painful, and time consuming than your own trial and error
  • Use the Personal Learning Journal to record key ideas you want to use

How do I attend?

To present and practice, email Rita Hudgens  to get on the waiting list.

To observe, just show up and experience Don Thoren’s expert coaching, participate in the feedback to the presenters, and record ideas for your own Learning Journal! Bring a guest who may be interested in NSA!

When and where is it?

The 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month

The location:  The name on the building is Ability360. It is located at 5025 E. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034. As you drive in, there is a parking garage on your left. Go to the main building and through the double glass doors. Take the elevator to the second floor and go to classroom “A.”

Speaker Studio Summary – Here is what happens between 10AM and NOON!

  1. Scheduled presenters practice or re-practice 5-10 minutes of their material
  2. Don Thoren, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, provides expert coaching, and everyone offers ideas for what went well, what could be improved & how
  3. Everyone learns vicariously and records valuable insights in their Personal Learning Journal
  4. If you bring a guest, they experience one of our most valuable services and will be motivated to join and strengthen our chapter

Don Thoren, a Lab founder and Lab leader for its first 14 years, has been asked to help reinvent a post COVID Lab experience for the benefit of our members. Don is a CMC, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, and named to the class of 2012 Legends of the Speaking Profession. He is among the founders of NSA and both a Chapter and National Past President.

Jim and I attended the last session and it was amazing!! Don is GREAT at leading this...and the privilege of having some platform time with constructive feedback is priceless!! Don't miss this. We will both be at as many as possible!— Naomi Rhode

By attending this event, you are giving permission for NSA-Arizona to add your contact information to our email list and to use any photographs (or screenshots) that are taken at the event containing your likeness for as long as NSA-Arizona deems appropriate and desirable.


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