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Own the Room: Speaker's Academy

  • 26 Jan 2023
  • 9:00 AM
  • 28 Jan 2023
  • 4:00 PM
  • Ability 360, 5025 E. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034


  • Registration includes one (1) year dues in the NSA Arizona Chapter: Professional Member or Candidate

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Own the Room: Speaker's Academy

You don’t have to be a celebrity or a gregarious extrovert to deliver a powerful message that leaves your audience wanting more! Speaking from the platform as a professional is not limited for the naturally gifted personality. Speaking can be taught to anyone who is willing to follow a simple, 4-step formula. 

Former stand-up comedian and radio host Bob Loeffler has taken his 25 years of platform experience and distilled it into his easily implemented formula. Mastering each step of this formula is essential to your success as a speaker. Skipping or rushing through any of these steps could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in income! 

Offered exclusively through NSA-Arizona—Back by Popular Demand—nothing like this 3-day workshop is available to anyone else—anytime or anywhere. This singular opportunity is being offered Thursday, Friday and Saturday, January 26-28, 2023 from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. each day. Sign up early for this engaging workshop where you will not only learn, but you will actively create, finesse, or recreate the talk you give from the stage. This workshop is not taught anywhere elseat any price! Hurry! Space is limited.

By the end of this 3-day workshop, you will have the exact formula for a polished talk—from scratch—including:

  1. Warm-Up: Get the audience to like you.
  2. Set Up: Articulate their problem.
  3. Message: An exact blueprint to follow
  4. Close: Get them to take action.

Watch this video to the end for a sample of what you will learn.

Bob Loeffler and Doreen Herman helped my professional speaking game with this three-day training program, offered by NSA-AZ. The process taught in this amazing training for professional speakers is a MUST for anyone who wants to touch the hearts and minds of the audience members, along with making successful sales from the stage. I had invested in many training programs related to speaking skills, however, this program differentiates itself, from the how-to’s of humor and the core structure of a successful presentation. I had the opportunity to improve my speaking style with humor and energy. If you are a professional speaker at ANY stage of your career, it is well worth your investment. —D. Justhy

Workshop Overview

  • If you’re new to speaking and want to make this your life’s work, you are in the right place. 
  • If you are asked to give a presentation every so often, and want to make these presentations effortless and successful, you are in the right place.
  • If you are a seasoned speaker and have been giving talks, speeches, presentations for a number of years…even if you have earned awards with your speaking…you are in the right place.

What we’ll cover each day:

DAY 1: Introduction

  • Establish who you are and why you are presenting this talk. Even if you don’t have any speaking credentials…you will put together an amazing introduction that commands people’s attention. Are you a seasoned speaker? Your introduction may be out of date and mayn’t resonate with today’s audiences. You’ll workshop this part, bringing your into up to date and relevant to today listener. 
  • Each segment described below will not only be taught…each participant will work on and complete each skill during our time together. Each participant will leave with a complete presentation - start to finish. 
  • This is a great opportunity to not only come up with one’s beginning speech, this workshop provides an opportunity to revise or to come up with a completely new speech in a new subject area. 

Warm Up

Get the audience to like you and want to listen to what you have to say. You can be funny   (we will workshop this)   or you can be fun. One of these will be achieved for you in this practical segment. Are you already a seasoned speaker with jokes and what you’ve used as a warm-up? You will update and edit this…Jokes and fun with the audience is necessary, but there is a key to comedy: timing must be worked on, your laughter must be not overbearing….there are nuances to being funny or fun you will master in this segment.

Set Up

Get the audience to want to listen to your message. This is different from the warm up in that it establishes their need. Whatever knowledge, idea, product or service you are speaking about…they must be persuaded / convinced / or at least “feel the need” to learn about this knowledge, idea, product, or service. (Sometimes, what you are selling is yourself…we will cover that, as well).

At the end of Day 1, each participant will have completely constructed their Introduction, Warm up, and Set Up.

Day 2Message

Using an economy of words makes each word powerful. Learn to choose / use the exact right words to convey your message. Learn to make the points contained in your message with story, illustration, humor, and logic so that each point builds upon the previous one in a logical sequence that strengthens your argument and answers the audience’s questions, while raising others for continued attention. Participants will be constructing this part—on the spot—on Day 2.


The close is perhaps the most remembered part of the speech; it is the most recently heard, after all. Our participants will work on and figure out the best close to their talk. The close will stir the audience members to do what the speaker influences them to do: adapt a new idea, learn a new skill, buy a new product or service, or open their minds to a new way of thinking. There are many types of closes…from embracing logic to tugging on the emotions. Participants will learn each of these closes and write one of each type for their talk. They can interchange these closings to gear toward different audiences. 

At the end of Day 2, each participant will have completely constructed their Message and several Closures.

Day 3: Put It Together

On Day 3, we put it all together. Introduction, Warm-Up, Set-Up, Message, Close. Participants will work on smooth transitions between parts of the talk and the points made within. We will polish the language, editing extra wordiness and elevating to more powerful words. Humor is a large part of the workshop, so on Day 3, we finesse the humor; adding/subtracting/revising to sharpen, tighten and elevate the speech into a finished product. 

I blocked off three days to attend the Own Your Room workshop with Bob Loeffler and I know I will earn at least 10x’s the revenue I would have made over those three days with the information, ideas and strategies I learned. I have been speaking for several years and even taught speaking to professional women however I have never had the courage to use humor in my presentations until this workshop. I love how simply Bob gave us the ideas and structure but mainly permission to be funny. We went through all the elements of a speech and even how to warm up an audience so that by day three I knew everything I needed to “Own the Room.” —Marianne Emma Jeff (The Get it Done Diva)


Every day contains a lunch break at noon, as well as morning and afternoon breaks. Coffee and light snacks will be provided by NSA AZ. Participants are welcome to bring their own snacks and beverages. There are plenty of restaurants nearby, as well. 

By registering for this event, you are giving permission for NSA-Arizona to add your contact information to our email list and to use any photographs (screenshots) that are taken at the event containing your likeness for as long as NSA-Arizona deems appropriate and desirable.

Cancellation Policy: No refunds 


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