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Featured Professional: Shirley A. Weis

Shirley A. Weis

Shirley A. Weis
Weis Associates
Shirley Weis is a highly respected global healthcare executive and leader who has broken through the “glass ceiling”. She is sharing her insights with others through coaching, mentoring and inspirational speaking.

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Programs Lineup for 2015

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General Meeting
Leverage Your Expertise: License Your Intellectual Property—Michelle May, CSP AND
How to Conduct Webinars that Rock the Virtual House!—Pamela Jett, CSP


May 9, 2015

To Register Now Click Here Could licensing your intellectual property be your next step in building a healthy business model? If you are the go-to expert on your topic, licensing allows you to multiply your influence, leverage your expertise, and generate passive revenue. AND
Technology has made connecting with your tribe easier than ever. Webinars are a great way to increase the value you bring, strengthen your platform, expand your reach, and increase cash flow. In this fast paced and interactive session you will discover:

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Living Room Forums
Speak Your Way to 6-Figure Consulting; Dr. Tyrone Holmes
April 22, 2015


Speaking can be a tough business. One way to maximize your chances for success is to develop a business model that uses a diverse array of revenue streams such as speaking, coaching, product sales and consulting. This session will focus on consulting and how you can use speaking as a tool for getting long-term, high-value consulting engagements with corporations, governmental entities, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Specifically, as a result of this session, you will be able to:

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Speakers Academy
Speakers Academy 2014–2015—Teaching You the Business of Professional Speaking


Are you called to make an impact on the world with your message? Do you have valuable knowledge or expertise that needs to be shared in a bigger way? Are you looking to increase your revenue by adding speaking as an additional income stream or lead generator? Speakers Academy can teach you how to reach your goals!

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Speaker Lab
Join us for “safe” practice time at Speakers Lab


The Speaker Lab's goal is to take speakers at their current level of quality and impact and help them move to the next level ... check here to see what we have scheduled. Then come join in the fun!

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April 2015 News Flash

President’s Message Publicity: Attention given to someone or something by the media; the dissemination of information about a product, person, or company for advertising or promotional purposes. The proactive process of increasing your name, face, or brand recognition though the systematic distribution of information. These are common definitions for publicity, which is one of the More »»»

Sponsor Directory
My Computer Works

MCW_Logo_ NSANumber
My Computer Works is an unlimited tech support help desk. Utilizing English speaking, U.S. based, patient and friendly highly qualified technicians, they will remotely log into your computer with your permission, to answer a simple question or to remove a 7 hour complicated virus removal; and everything in between. Open from 8 AM to 10 More »»»

Meeting Planners
A Special Message for Meeting Planners

Essential information for planning corporate, industry, or association meetings and conferences...

As the voice of the speaking profession in Arizona, our chapter of the National Speakers Association is an organization of professional speakers, trainers, facilitators and consultants. We have put together this short guide to be a resource for meeting professionals - our partners in success.

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